Types Of Active Shooter Training - All You Need To Know

Author : Defender School LLC | Published On : 22 Dec 2021

You often see news telecasts of mass shooting incidents taking place at corporate buildings, schools, and religious places. Watching several people getting injured or killed in such situations can be very disturbing for you and you can't even imagine how it would feel like to experience the situation.

To deal with such dangerous situations, active shooter training courses for individuals are becoming common. With a proper mindset, a plan to escape, and some comparative skills, you can give your best in an active shooter situation.

It is quite difficult for people to understand the importance of active shooter training and some of them don't even believe that such a thing exists. Even though almost every person in the USA is well-aware of the Columbine High School massacre, people still are confused about receiving training from an expert. If you're one of them, reading this article will give you some useful information about active shooter training and its importance.

Types of active shooter training

  1. How to respond to an active shooter incident

This type of active threat response training mainly focuses on how an individual should react if he or she encounters such a serious situation. Even the sound of a gunshot can create havoc in your mind, so you can imagine the situation of the people that are trapped in a place that is thrashed by one or two active shooters.

You can establish a collaborative protocol with local law enforcement as well as neighboring communities to develop a plan of action in case of an emergency. If you're a business owner, you can have regular meetings where members of your organization and local law enforcement officials can attend lectures, conduct reviews of past situations at other similar organizations, and engage in full-scale drills as often as possible in potential target areas such as schools, churches, hospitals, or anywhere that large groups of people may be gathered.

  1. How to survive an active shooter incident

If people are not prepared for a situation like an active shooter, they can't figure out a way to survive it. Active shooter training for schools and other places prepares the individuals to deal with the situation and survive it. There are training centers that prepare individuals to tackle a serious active shooter situation.

Such training centers allow people to learn tactics and skills by creating real-life situations, and in this case, a scenario of an active shooter situation. With a developed mindset, trainees also get to know about the ways in which they can hide, run, and even fight the culprit if they had to.

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