Turn Your Photos Into an Amazing Hand-Painted Portrait

Author : Jeson Clarke | Published On : 11 Jun 2021

The Internet makes it easy for people to buy just about whatever they want. This can make it pretty hard to find unique gifts for people. One way to truly impress someone is to get them a hand-painted portrait from photos. It’s a unique gift that is also super personal — and something people might not always think of getting for themselves.

Here’s how you can get a hand-painted portrait from photos.

Commissioning Hand-Painted Portraits From Photos

If you’ve ever wondered what the process is for commissioning hand-painted portraits from photos, it’s actually simpler than you might think.

Here’s what you do:

Choose Your Photo

The first step might actually be the most difficult. Which photo do you want to turn into an amazing painted portrait? You can turn any photo into a portrait, whether it be a family picture, a picture of a pet, a picture of a location or anything else you have in the photo album. Once you’ve selected the photo, the next steps are easy.

Submit Your Photo to Your Chosen Online Service

The next step just requires you to upload your photo to your portrait service. Easy!

Make Your Requests

This is where you get to be creative. If you have any requests for your portrait, you can make them here. The artist assigned to you will take all of your requests and make sure your portrait turns out the way you want. You can pick the style of your painting, make changes or edits to the photo and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Your artist will make a mockup of your requests and await your approval. Once you approve the photo, they’ll get to work making your masterpiece!

Wait for It to Arrive

This step is pretty hard, too, because of all the anticipation! Soon your finished portrait will arrive in the mail, and you can give it as an awesome gift or keep it for yourself to hang on your wall.

And that’s it! It’s really that easy to get hand-painted portraits from photos. Why not commission one today?

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