Toy De Ann Brings Her Winning Story in Her Book

Author : AS SEO | Published On : 07 May 2021

(May 7, 2021): Lupus can affect numerous parts of the body, which includes skin, joints, heart, kidneys, etc. Lupus can cause symptoms as diverse as unexplained fever flares, joint pain and swelling, blurred vision, and many more.


Toy De Ann happens to be a Lupus warrior who has come up with her story. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and when she was only 9 years old she was diagnosed with Lupus erythematosus. Eventually this disease changed to mixed connective tissue disease or MCTD. Living with the complication of Lupus for so long had been a very difficult phase of her life. In search of cure she had been fighting this chronic battle for so long. In spite of her illness she has been raising her voice to spread awareness.


In lupus, for reasons that are still unknown, perhaps a combination of environmental, hormonal and genetic factors, the body makes antibodies that attack its own healthy tissue. Usually, it protects the individual from diseases.


She has written books about her health condition with the hope that she can be of some help to others facing similar complications. The fatigue of her failing health did not stand an obstruction to her strong will to find a sense of purpose. With adequate strength she has been looking forward to fight and win the battle. With her multiple complications she has been on the battle to find a healthy path of life. In her books she has shared that spirit. Her new book has inspired many. In this Lupus Awareness Month, it is the right time to honor her fight and her indomitable spirit.


About Toy De Ann

She is a Lupus survivor and an author who has shared her story with the readers through her new book. She has documented her struggles and fights to come back to the mainstream life there.


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