Top Technology Trends that Govern Freight Transport & Logistics Service

Author : Sam Wollongong | Published On : 27 Sep 2021

A series of technological innovations has brought in a sea change in the transportation and logistics industry. They not only help these freight forwarding service providers to serve their clients with more perfection and professionalism but have also enabled businesses to have their consignments dispatched in time, quicker, and in a more authoritative way. So you see, this has brought in a perfect win-win situation for the logistics service providers and their clients alike. Here, let us discuss the top 5 technologies that have revolutionised the transport service industry in the UK like the rest of the world.

The Doctrine of M2M Communication

M2M communication is the new ‘in thing' in logistics services. This new doctrine consists of three dimensions - Machine-2-Man, Machine-2-Machine, and Machine-2-Mobility apps. This new doctrine also comprises the adoption of a state-of-the-art communication system, which will revolutionise the logistics system. In fact, this decade is witnessing the highest adoption of M2M services, with the M2M data delivery seeing a shift towards data intelligence. Since M2M service success depends upon more profits, every trusted logistics service provider in London, like anywhere else, puts emphasis on more and more profit with quality, customer-oriented service.

Machine-2-Machine Collaboration

This is the era of technology convergence. Thus, the IT solution providers are required to work in close coordination with the industry players for moving from traditional IT systems to the web-based and cloud-based solutions to construct a collaborative IT platform. At present, the logistics industry is reaping the benefits of information technology through several optimised operational systems with the highest level of an automatic process.

Adoption of Electricity-driven Trucks

With the sharp increase in truck production and freight transportation, the CO2 emission from the transport industry is likely to increase, thus contributing to global warming. To get rid of this phenomenon, eminent 24/7 freight transport services in London like any other place are now acquiring either trucks with highly advanced engine technologies with controlled emission limits or electricity-driven cars that have no harmful emissions at all.

Adoption of Electric-hybrid Freight

With a growing trend of freight transport service shifting from rural to the urban areas with the advent of improved transport services and communication networks, there is a high probability of the pollution level of even the rural areas getting a beating. To counter this, the logistics and freight transport companies are adopting electric hybrid transport systems by including BEBs (battery-electric buses) and hybrid buses.

Inclusion of Smart or Intelligent Public Transportation

This is another state of the art adoption by those companies that are into long-distance, inter-continental transportation services. They adopt a single-stop solution, which offers to decrease GHG (greenhouse gas) emission and fuel price. Providers of state-of-the-art technology are now eyeing the integrated mobility solutions that help these long-distance logistics companies. For instance, the system followed by 24/7 freight transport services offering transportation from Ghana to London or the other way round would be manned by a station-based mobility solution that will streamline the service.

Thus, all these help the logistics companies to take their standard of service to a different level altogether.

The author owns one of the most trusted logistics service providers in London offering 24/7 Freight Transport Services from Ghana to London and the other way round. The author is also an avid blogger.