Top Real Money Making Online Gambling Sites in Kenya Offering Range of Win Games & Spins

Author : Mark Jackson | Published On : 09 Aug 2021

In this article, you will find the Best Betting Sites in Kenya available for the players that offer you a fantastic range of win games and spins, fast payout speeds, and lucrative bonuses. You will also get to know about gambling in Kenya, some of the most popular casino games to play online, and you also get a chance to some of our local-based casino recommendations and Sports Betting Sites Kenya. 
Benefits that works for long-term
You are going to avail certain benefits, listed out hereunder:
• Huge bonuses especially for the new customers
• Certain features designed for safety and security
• Thousand of internet casino games and slots 
Common absolute pros and features:
Certain common features of this Sports Betting Sites Kenya
• Accepts 100 payment methods
• Live betting option
• Bonuses added with deposit options
• Instant flash games with no download option
• 24x7 customers support by live emails and chats
• 100% casino bonuses up to ksh500
• Biggest collection of casino games
• Annual bonus up to 2400 euro
• Over 400 casino games options
Facts about Sports Betting Sites Kenya
• 3rd largest gambling market in the African gambling
• Yearly betting of more than $200M
• The betting control and licensing board regulate all gambling sites. 
• The legal gambling age is 18 
• 21 casinos in Nairobi
• 30 land-based casinos
Facts checked while rating and reviewing casinos in Kenya
• Background and safety check- we have a comprehensive 25-step review process that ensures we only recommend honest and well-respected sites. We also check whether they hold licenses from the trustworthy regulatory authority and whether transactions were protected by SSL encryption to keep the details safe.
• Deposit and contact customer support to check the quick deposit process we deposit money on the website. The best real money casinos don’t charge any deposit fees. Then we contact customer care to check how quickly they are responding to the emails and queries. 
• Play Online Gambling Sites in Kenya and withdraw funds- we also play ourselves to ensure that player experience is great. Our team members will play as many real money games as possible, along with fee games. 
Then after playing, we will withdraw the money won to check whether the process is quick, easy, and offers a variety of withdrawal options or not. 
• Lastly, publish the review and add to the recommended list- once our member does everything, we will finish the review. After going through the stringent quality checks, then it’s ready to be published. 
Once we find the casino is deemed enough, we will add it to our list of Sports Betting Sites Kenya. In case it is found to be of spam place to play, then that website will end up on our blacklist. 
Continuous visit of the casinos we have reviewed is a must to ensure that they maintain the same standards. 
If a standard seems to be slipped, we will also remove our list of recommended places to play.