Top Questions Security Guard Companies Ask During the Hiring Process

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 02 Jun 2021

Do you hold interest in the security industry? Does the job of a security guard fascinate you? A lot of you are actually enthused by the idea of joining the profession and meeting the manifold challenges that come along during the tenure. If you are headstrong of becoming a security officer and are worried that you might not get selected after the interview with the security guard company, here are a few interview questions to get set for the day. These questions will prepare and increase your odds of being selected. 

What has encouraged you to take up a profession as a security guard? 

You already know that the profession is not as rosy as other fields and that there is nothing too special about it; you have to act tactfully while answering the question. Meanwhile you should make them feel like you are the most eligible candidate for the position. To convince, you can tell them that you actually find it challenging to take up the task of night vigilance. Show them that there is some feel good factor about the job which is literally prompting you apply for the role of a security guard. 

Alternatively, you can make an honest confession that your current financial condition is pushing you to the extent of pursuing the career as a security guard. Tell them frankly about how your current job didn’t work out if that is the case. Sometimes honesty is all they want to hear from you. 

Is there any way you will be able to characterise your job role as a security guard? 

If you are asked this question, straight away show them you know the job role pretty well. List the roles, like patrolling, monitoring, attending to emergencies, preventing threat, screening, restricting access to buildings and much more. 

As you say all of these to the person taking your interview make sure you give them a fair idea that your main job role is to keep inmates of a residential building or workers at an office safe from threatening situations. 

Do you hold an experience in the field? 

If you already have an experience in the field, it will be an easy answer for you. In that case you can always tell the interviewer from security guard companies in Sydney how you loved the job as a security guard and the key aspects that lured your interest towards your job role. 

However, if you do not have an experience in the field tell them that since the field is new to you, you will give in your best efforts to prove your mettle. 

Can you work around 16 hours a day? 

Now this might hit you hard but truly speaking this question is either going to make or break your career opportunities as a security guard. Tell them why only 16 hours, when you can continuously perform the duty for 48 hours; and there you will hit the jackpot. Yes! the interviewer wants to hear it from the horse’s mouth and so you should not shy away from establishing your confidence. 

These are some common questions related to security guard hiring in Sydney which you should be abreast with.