Top Ideas to Make your Loft Conversion Project Super Hit

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 10 May 2021

So, you have got a loft and are thinking of remodeling it for bigger benefits? If you want to change this otherwise abandoned space into a lively living room, we have a few ideas for you to consider.

To help you get started with interesting loft conversion ideas, we will like to mention some tips. Let’s talk about them.

Maximise the available space

You know where the trick lies? Its how you can maximise the available space. Lets’ say your loft space is small. If you like to add a bedroom with an en-suite, introduce a sliding door.

Staircase idea for the loft

If the staircase leading to the loft is narrow, it will usually make the space look crammed up and dull. Brighten up this stretch by introducing lighter shades of wall colour. This will create an illusion of light and introduce a flow to the space.

If there is a dormer, make it a feature for your home

Almost all loft conversions in Bromley go unnoticed. You know why? This is because people are least concerned about turning this unique space into a feature. That’s why we will recommend that you get a dormer extension done on your property with a proper oak or maple finish. Let it stand out.

Is there a sloping ceiling? How about making the maximum out of it?

There is no special need to create an outstanding en-suite in the converted space. You can keep it straight and simple. Think of what you can fit in right under the slope. For instance, the shower sounds like a good fit-in.

Get your kids the best space ever

Our home extensions experts in Bromley suggest that the best ever way to make the most out of a loft conversion concept is to introduce the kids’ space into it. It’s an effective way to give your child the privacy and excitement to get their me-time.

Some more drama, some more light

Will you like to chip in some more funds for the loft conversion project? You will need some architectural glazing. For instance, you can get a bathroom built around this extra space and get a luxurious bath installed that looks right out of the rooftop window.

Get an open plan

Here is an open plan that looks like it's straight away been lifted from a spa hotel. There are framed glazing separating the main space from the bathroom. It kind of gives an illusion of spaciousness. Meanwhile you can hide the compact shower from the bedroom view.

Use every inch

If you have discovered a cozy nook right under the staircase, use it by creating a reading corner. You can also create a computer zone out of the space.

Creating a multi-purpose space

Indeed, when you are considering loft conversions the first thing that keeps your mind busy is whether you are being able to optimise the available space. Your aim should be to use each and every inch of a space which would previously stay wasted. Hence create a multipurpose room with a bed at one corner and a reading or study nook at another corner. It is the best way to use the loft space.

Indeed, when you are thinking about home renovations in Bromley it is crucial that you consider layouts which make the loft space turn into a fully functional zone.