Top Five Tourist Attractions In Alleppey, Kerala

Author : indiabycar anddriver | Published On : 22 Oct 2021

Ahoy, attention travelers, welcome to Alleppey in Kerala, where the vacation awaits. Alleppey, termed as the Venice of the east and Kerala itself, known as God’s own country, is sure to offer tourists the best holidays in their life, where the rich greenery and beauty of the city is enough to soothe the soul. So welcome aboard Alleppey, where tourists leave their worries and rejuvenate their spirits.

These destinations in Alleppey are no less than the most beautiful

Calm backwaters punctuated with beautiful houseboats, seafood, ayurvedic spas, and wellness centers make Alleppey one of the best getaways. 

Alappuzha Beach

For beach lovers, the Alappuzha Beach in Kerala is a destination they cannot miss. The beach is one of the most famous tourist locations in Alleppey. Less crowded, scenic, serene, and hypnotizing, Alappuzha Beach will make one’s beach vacation one of the best to remember.

Thick palm groves, and the mind relaxing peacefulness of the nearby park, freshwater Rivers, and the scenic Arabian Sea, are just a perfect requirement to spend some quality time in peace.        

Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram Palace is a rare delight of the idolized ancient past of Kerala. The ruler of Travancore, Anizham Thirunal Marathanda Varma, built it in the 18th century.

It is one of the gorgeous artworks of Kerala fashioned architecture.

Deep framed doors, confined corridors, ceiled roofs, and quartered windows will take one into the world of inner happiness. But, unfortunately, most of the small parts of the palace are lost in time. Only the main structure stands tall.   

Marari Beach

Alleppey is ocean heaven for Kerala, and if tourists are in the city, they must visit the beautiful Marari Beach for a relaxing and harmonious holiday. 

Fun fact, the beach got its name from a local village of the Arabian Sea Coast known as Mararikulam. It is one of the best beach locations to have fun with family and friends on vacation.  

Vembanad Lake

While going for an Alleppey backwater trip, Vembanad Lake is a breath-taking tourist spot that travelers must not miss, adorned with mangrove jungles all around with coconut trees. A ride on a houseboat is the best thing to do to make the most of Kerala tourism.

On a houseboat, couples will pass through narrow canals, lagoon islands, tiny hamlets and explore the simple and comfortable countryside lifestyle. Tourists’ imaginations will go crazy, and they will be lost in a world of fairy tales.    

Mary Forane Church

Mary Forane Church exists as one of the most well-known locations to visit in Alleppey. It is the earliest church in Kerala.

This holy place goes back to 835 AD, and it got the status of Forane in 1929. It is devoted to Virgin Mary. Age-old stones with engravings and Thaliyola in the Naanam Moonam script will take one back to the bygone decade.  

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