Top five Tips for Travelling in Canada

Author : Gearge smit | Published On : 07 May 2021

It’s sensible to pre-book your rental car. Hence it is important to know the location you will be looking going to. Accordingly, you can look out to rent it. It’s honest to do online cab booking. Though it’s doubtful that a rental agency will have no vehicles to rent out. Although turning up without having any booking could lead to the company not having any of the size or type of car you would want for your trip. Check out the top five tips for travelling in Canada.

Type of car

When you are booking a rental car in Canada it is very important for you to pick a vehicle that suits the weather. Also, calculate the time of your visit. If you are visiting any mountainous region in Canada, then a 4×4 vehicle should be perfect for your trip. Four-wheel drive vehicles are quite expensive and thus your trip could cost more, but they can be required for road trips in the mountains.


Damage Waiver insurance is another factor to look out for. Usually, it is always offered at the time of rental for an additional charge. Damage insurance is there to reduce your burden if you damage, or lose the rented vehicle. You don’t have to buy DW, it is voluntary, and usually, it costs something between $10-30 CAD per day of rental.

Hold charge 

You need to be aware that they will put this hold on your card, but it can be a massive problem if you are innocent and end up over your credit limit on your credit card. Be it st Catharine's cab or Niagara falls cab company, these additional charges are for situations where you vanish with the vehicle and are never come back again. Such situations force companies to put on the clause of hold charge. Make sure you are safe and sound during your trip to Canada.


We are not sure whether your rental vehicle will have a built-in GPS navigation system, nonetheless, you will be offered a separate GPS at additional cost, of course. Whether you are travelling by yourself or travelling in a group, we think GPS navigation is the most important thing and you must have it. It takes much of the burden out of driving on roads you aren’t used to and completely depending on road signage. However, Niagara taxi service offers vehicles with an inbuilt GPS navigation system.

Animals on road

Don’t be astonished if you come across some furry animals on the road while in Canada. We mean to say bears, coyotes, goats, and deer. Give them some space and respect them. They deserve the land too, just drive slowly around them.

Now that you are aware of the factor to consider while travelling in Canada, make sure you follow them properly. We have seen people travelling a lot and exploring different parts of the world. Canada gives you a pleasant experience you can cherish for a lifetime.