Top 3 Exotic Festival To Celebrate In Jaipur

Author : jcr cab | Published On : 12 Oct 2021

Jaipur Dussera Festival

Also called Vijaydashmi, the Hindu festival of Dussehra is one first rate spectacle while you’re visiting the metropolis of Jaipur. Celebrated in diverse paperwork across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, this pageant signifies the victory of correct over evil.  Dusshera is well known via burning the evil Ravana accompanied by using the dramatization of Ram-Leela. 

In Jaipur, the Dussehra competition is widely known via burning large size effigy of demon king Ravan at night time at various public locations. Dussehra Fair is prepared at these places. Dussehra Fair has considered one of the biggest gala's in Jaipur. On Dussehra, Jaipur Shopping Festival - an initiative of Rajasthan Patrika and organised through International Fairs and Festivals - is at its top with enterprise of the Royal Dussehra Procession at Jaipur’s City Palace. Some of the pinnacle locations in Jaipur to rejoice this pageant with zeal and exuberance are Dashera Maidan Adarsh Nagar, Vidhyadhar Nagar Statdium, Mansarovar Rajat Path  and Ramlila Maidan.

Donkey Festival

One of the exciting gala's of Jaipur is the Jaipur Donkey Festival held every year while people get to completely buy and promote donkeys. Many traders come from as a way as North India to sell their donkeys within the festival. The pageant allows you to witness a massive wide variety of those animals adorned with myriad of colors and accessories that make it visible deal with to the eyes. The thrilling competition is a thrilling opportunity for potters, washing machine guys and people engaged in production activities to locate good buy to buy this useful loader for their work.

 This is 500-year-antique culture this is similar to the camel fair of Pushkar. The truthful takes location in a small village, Looniyabaas that is simply 20 km far away from Jaipur. Another exciting feature of this galas is the diverse sports and donkey races held right here. The rare vista of donkeys racing is a playing hobby of this pageant. This competition is likewise a terrific supply to have pleasant donkeys for people who use them in their sports. Nowadays government is also promoting this festival as well as providing aid for breeding and higher race of donkeys by using various programs.

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Sitla Mata Fair


This mind-blowing truth is held within the Seel-ki-Doongri village this is nearly five km far from Chaksu even as 35 km from Jaipur. The village has a temple devoted to the deity Sheetla Mata perched on the pinnacle of a small hill that performs host to this truth. Legend has it that it's far the craze of Sheetla Mata that ends in epidemics and the truth is held with the purpose of pleasing the goddess. The annual honest is an event for worshipping and offerings to delight the deity of epidemics, Sheetla Mata so that she does now not get irritated and produce epidemics to human beings.

During the celebrations of the truthful, local villagers installation a big brief bazaar wherein human beings experience festivities. The local villagers are visible doing some alternate for a variety of objects like garments, footwear, foodstuff, agricultural implements, utensils, and lots of greater. Another cultural attraction of this festival is a Cattle Fair which is arranged for the duration of the truthful. Some cultural enjoyment related to track and performances also are organized by using some tribal communities on the Sheetla Mata Fair.

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