Top 10 Women's Traditional Styles to Buy on a Budget in 2024

Author : wilsonmay ayemad | Published On : 04 Dec 2023

In the dynamic world of fashion, traditional wear continues to exude elegance and timeless charm. For women seeking to embrace cultural roots while staying within a budget, 2024 offers an array of stunning traditional styles. From vibrant sarees to graceful salwar suits, here are the top 10 traditional outfits that blend affordability with style, ensuring you step into the new year with panache.

  1. Cotton Kurtas: Comfortable, chic, and versatile, cotton kurtas are a must-have in any wardrobe. They come in various prints, colors, and designs, making them ideal for casual and semi-formal occasions. Pair them with palazzos, leggings, or even jeans for a trendy yet traditional look.

  2. Chanderi Sarees: Chanderi sarees are known for their lightweight texture and sheer elegance. These sarees come in a spectrum of colors and intricate designs. Their affordability combined with a touch of sophistication makes them perfect for festive gatherings or formal events.

  3. Anarkali Suits: Anarkali suits have made a comeback with a modern twist. These floor-length, flowy outfits are both regal and comfortable. Available in various fabrics and embellishments, they offer a graceful silhouette and are suitable for weddings or traditional celebrations.

  4. Banarasi Dupattas: Elevate any outfit instantly with a Banarasi dupatta. These intricately woven pieces add opulence and grandeur to a simple attire. Pair them with plain kurtas or suits to create a statement ensemble without breaking the bank.

  5. Bandhani Lehengas: Bandhani prints on lehengas have a timeless appeal. These tie-dye patterns showcase vibrant colors and intricate designs, making them an excellent choice for traditional events like Navratri or Diwali. Opt for lighter fabrics for a budget-friendly yet elegant look.

  6. Phulkari Dupattas: Originating from Punjab, Phulkari dupattas are known for their vibrant colors and beautiful embroidery. These dupattas can effortlessly enhance the appeal of a plain outfit, making them an essential addition to your traditional wear collection.

  7. Ikat Prints: Ikat prints are a fusion of traditional artistry and contemporary fashion. Dresses or sarees adorned with these prints offer a unique and eye-catching appeal. Their affordability and versatility make them a popular choice among women of all ages.

  8. Khadi Suits: Known for its simplicity and eco-friendly nature, Khadi suits are perfect for the minimalist who appreciates traditional wear. These suits come in various styles and can be easily accessorized to create both casual and formal looks.

  9. Kalamkari Blouses: Kalamkari, an ancient Indian art form, adorns blouses with intricate hand-painted or block-printed designs. Pairing these blouses with plain sarees or skirts can create a stunning ensemble without straining your budget.

  10. Silk Stoles: Silk stoles are a versatile accessory that can transform an outfit instantly. Whether draped over a kurta or saree, they add a touch of sophistication and glamour without costing a fortune.

In 2024, traditional wear celebrates affordability without compromising on style. Embrace the richness of cultural heritage while staying within your budget by exploring these top 10 traditional styles. With a myriad of options available, you can flaunt your elegance and grace at any occasion without burning a hole in your pocket. Shop from your favourite online shopping platforms like Myntra, Ajio & more.