Tips while you are on your commercial office space tour

Author : 1bhk ingoregaon | Published On : 26 Jul 2021

The right location of the office is vital for several reasons. Transport and logistics rely heavily on the proximity of some locations.

Besides, depending on the location, other business processes like recruitments and staffing can function well.

Hence, in order to start out the business right, it is crucial to find a suitable location that helps you handle every aspect of the business well. The rule of thumb is that the location should be well-aided by transport routes.

Andheri is one of the most commercially sought-after places for office spaces in Mumbai. It lies right in the middle of the western line of Mumbai and has a nexus of roads connecting various far-end regions.

Below are some points to take into considerations before finalizing an office space in Andheri.

1 - Accessibility to other locations

Even though we have already covered this point, it is imperative to emphasize getting the right location. Even though Andheri is a highly preferred location for business, some regions of the area may not be well-connected with roads and highways.

Needless to say, offices not abutting to roads increases reliance on using non-government transport options like taxis and auto-rickshaws. Such things can lead to employee dissatisfaction and the cost of the commute. Impacted transportation can be the biggest worry if the company depends on transport-reliant logistics a lot.

We strongly urge that you take this thing into consideration before completing the deal of purchasing an office space in Andheri.

2 - Spaciousness and rooms

An office should be spacious enough to let you carry out your work chores without a hassle. The paucity of space can mean relocating by breaking the lease before its maturation, a deal unnecessarily expensive. Yes, this is seen normally where companies do not foresee such a likelihood of increased business needs.

Along with the adequate space, the number of rooms matters very much too. It can help you cascade your departments effectively so that productivity is not compromised. However, unnecessary rooms, on the other hand, can also cause undue hindrances to business activities.

Hence, while buying or renting an office space in Andheri, it is best to be sure about the requirement.

3 - Infrastructure

Infrastructure is an indispensable part of the premise and location. Office space in Andheri does not necessarily come with an excellent infrastructure per se.

Good commercial office space in Andheri East means well-supplied with extraneous aids that form a part of the normal business function. Things like electricity outages, network problems, etc., do not impact the business due to the other measures being in place.

Premises should include lifts, generators and other facilities whose lack can be lead to the imbalance of your business activities.

4 - Cost

When buying or taking smart office space in Andheri West on rent, the cost is high out of several factors. For buying, the paraphernalia may or may not be covered in the cost. Likewise, the rent may not even be inclusive of the utility bills and sundry items.

The paperwork enlists everything you are paying for. However, relying only on it would be your ultimate option. The hidden costs etc. can turn the course of your purchase or rent. Hence, our strong advice is to confirm these things before you make the final move.


The office space in Andheri can be the best move for your business. The above tips will help you find the most suitable option. Chandak Group offers some of the most highly preferred office spaces in some of the most commercially recognized regions.