Tips to Safe Shipping of Live Plants – Answers from Best Online Plant Nursery

Author : Twigz Nursery | Published On : 14 Mar 2021

If you want to ship plants, you need to do it safely. In this article, we have mentioned the restrictions, couriers and packaging needed for shipping plants.

The plant parents who send gifts and the botanical e-commerce business need to make sure that they can safely and securely ship plants to their friends, relatives and customers.

The horticulture and agriculture industries are the prominent industries worldwide to ship seeds, plants and flowers.

If you want to open an Online Plant Nursery, you must ensure the safe arrival of your products. You will not want the plants to perish or damage on the way, or else you'll certainly lose customers and also the revenue.

Preparing and packaging the plants should be done with diligence and care. After regarding the plant, shipping totally depends on the types of plants that you want to ship.

On this page, we have mentioned in detail how to ship plants and the steps to ensure that they reach safely at Plants and Trees for Sale at the required place.

Things to Consider Before Shipping Plants

In case you're seeking forward to set up an e-commerce store for selling plants, then the highly crucial portion of your business is how to ship plants safely.

The shipping procedure completely depends on the type of plants you want to ship and your destination.

Understanding Shipping Restrictions 

The foremost thing one needs to bear in mind is the shipping restrictions, as it varies depending upon plant type and the state. Firstly make sure you know about the type of plants you are shipping.

Different states have different restrictions regarding shipping plants and flowers.

So before getting started, keep these thoughts carrying out the actual shipment to another state.

Some states have strict rules about pests and diseases to prevent local ecosystems from being harmed. Some particular plants may be subject to quarantine, so you need to check the specific locality restrictions regarding that.

Absolute Restrictions 

If you want to ship plants to any country, you need to follow some restrictions and prohibitions for certain plants, seeds and flowers as per the destination. You need to maintain all the necessary customers’ forms and declarations.

Separate laws and regulations are also imposed by agriculture imports and exports, which should be strictly followed. Every country has some similar organizations and departments that govern the laws regarding such matters. Make sure to have complete information about this before shipping plants internationally.

You need a phytosanitary certificate to ship plants internationally. It is an official certificate issued by the department of horticulture, agriculture, food, and water resources needed to ship plants and other regulated items.

Shipping/Handling Labels

You will need a standard shipping label consisting of basic information like shipment, sender address and the courier code.

Besides, it is also necessary to have handling labels to communicate with the staff handling the packages. If the label is not there in perishable items, it may be improperly handled and damaged.

Get Started with the Best Courier Services 

The cost/shipping period lies in the service that you use, the weight of the package and the destination. However, you should know that Fast Growing Shade Trees are expensive to ship, and you have to pay more for them as compared to regular shipping services.