Tips to Match Your Garage Door to Your Home Décor

Author : Smith Jones | Published On : 26 Sep 2021

The best feature is a garage door representing the façade of your home. It can add character, depth, and visual warmth to your home. Let your garage door match the architecture of your home. Read more on how garage doors can pair well with your home styles to create some magic.

1 – Choose a complementary door style

Give your home a distinctive look by choosing complementary or contrasting styles. Garage door and front door styles don't have to be exact replicas. If choosing contrasting styles, the style can still integrate by choosing similar windows or colors for the garage and front door. You can also try out similar-looking but distinctive and standout door features.

2 - Choose by a single style

Another way to boost curb appeal with matching front and garage doors is to choose one style. It gives a unified look, making it more welcoming. You can also go for unique customized options for both front and garage doors. It can include door material, color, window style, and hardware style. These types of matching features can provide a distinctive and personalized touch.

3 - Choose a Neutral Palette

When choosing an exterior color scheme, limit your palette to one dominant color, accent color, and trim color. It is wise to use a neutral color to unify your palette. Even blacks and whites have subtle undertones that can clash if mixed randomly. For example, if you decide on a cool blue for your trim, you should also choose a cool shade for your garage door. Today you are spoilt for choices where color is concerned for doors- so choose wisely.

4 – Choose matching doors by material

To give a home a unique look and feel, you may prefer different materials. For example, if your home has wood siding, installing a wooden garage door might be a good idea. Similarly, if a home's siding is made of fiberglass, it may be best to have a vinyl or fiberglass garage door. Also, the material you choose for your garage door should be durable, suit the local climate, and be maintainable.

To wrap it up

You can create unique architectural styles featuring a variety of hardware, materials, colors, and personalization. Please do your best to select the best or discuss it with the experts.

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