Tips To Improve Your Garden with Landscape Lighting

Author : george fords | Published On : 09 Sep 2021

There is hardly any comparison to the blissful tranquility of spending some time in your garden. It doesn’t matter what hour of the day it is if it can help you get off the monotony of daily life, it is worth it. So, it doesn’t hurt to add some life to it with some good lighting. Here are some cool garden lighting ideas that might help you achieve the required effect:

Creating Silhouette with Ground-Level Lights: Ground level lights are best when you aim to create a well-lit backdrop for your garden. It can be used for creating striking silhouettes of objects, statues, plants or highlighting any kind of structures and forms.

Spike Lights for Creating Glow around Foliage and Trees: Well-placed spike lights are known to make a difference and are mostly located near tree bases. They are mainly used for emitting a warm glow in the spaces. This kind of lighting is useful when you need to create a delicate silhouette of trees.

Discreet Lighting: Lights can be tucked all across the garden and help in the creation of a beautiful ambience after sunset. LED lights are great for this purpose and help in gentle illumination. If you want you may have different coloured LED lights here and there. If you are looking to decorate your garden with LED lighting Sandringham, we can help you.

Flames for a cosy atmosphere: Flames are quite intimate and welcoming especially in a garden. You may either use scattered shadows like Moroccan-style lanterns or a series of carefully placed flames. Either way, it can really help in creating a romantic ambience or soothing after-dinner walks.

Repetition: Repetition is one of the best ways to give a sense of direction and rhythm to your garden. Light sources placed at regular intervals especially if you have a path winding through your green patch. You may get the path sidelines illuminated with a pattern of mixed lighting.

Shadows: if you have a taste for theatrics then you can always use some dramatic shadows and create an interesting pattern of shadow and lights. If you really want to pull things up a notch, you can go with a Moroccan-style set of string lights. It will create a series of dappled shadows and illumination.

Festoon Bulbs and Overhead Lights: If you are a lover of attached strings, you may want to add some well-deployed places in a garden. It can either be next to decking rails or the fences. However, if you really wish to check their magic wrap them around the branches. They will add both cosiness and character to the place.

Add Some Colour To Your Garden: Garden lights are much more than illumination and can easily be used for bringing texture and colour to the place. Silk lanterns are a brilliant way to add a colourful touch to a garden. The best part, you can change them any time you want, you can always use the effect for some family dinners or friendly get-togethers.