Tips to Excel As a Professional Jewellery Photographer

Author : James Spencer | Published On : 10 May 2021

Have you ever wondered how the product pictures appear so engaging and enticing? Do you know that jewellery owners hire specialised product photographers who look forward to keeping the images highly beguiling and inviting? Women and jewellery have a powerful bond, and what is better than having a professional and learned photographer clicking pictures for your brand? It will genuinely seem like a cherry on top of the cake!

Jewellery photography is all about exposing the intricate details to potential clients! The following are some tips that will make your jewellery photography a lot more enticing and detailed:

Prepare the product to be captured:

The job of every diligent jewellery photographer is to make the jewellery presentable and attractive. Set the product in such a manner that highlights it appealingly.

Jewellery Photography

Capture the picture using a suitable background:

To become a well-known product photographer in Brisbane, you must create mesmerising frames of your picture. Do not add in too many details such that the viewers find it hard to see the main product. Also, you must not be too minimalist that the entire picture loses its glamour! When you prepare for a jewellery product shoot, choosing the right background is as important as having a camera! 

Suitable backgrounds can make your piece of jewellery tantalising amidst the other props. Generally, an essential background of black or white is best suited for jewellery photography. The fundamental purpose of photography should be making the jewellery as visible as possible, so choose such a background that compliments your product in all aspects. 

Use a macro lens to capture details:

Seek inspiration from the professional jewellery photographer who is adept at using both macro and micro camera lens. Do you like shooting with a prime lens? Well, it is time for you to lay your hands on a macro lens! Such a lens can skillfully capture minute details with much ease.

Macro jewellery photography is essential as it helps the buyer get a closer look at the intricate details of the piece of jewellery. Using a macro lens is a great approach to grab customers' attention by making them lure to one of its kind product photography!

Understand the white balance:

Another pro tip suggests that maintaining the white balance can take you a long way as an adept product photographer in Brisbane! Pretty often, the photographers make the mistake of ignoring the blank and white balance in their pictures and prefer not to touch them, even while editing! 

The different pieces of jewellery demand different white balance settings! For instance, a gold jewellery photoshoot will be different from a silver jewellery photoshoot. Did you know that wrong or incorrect use of white balance settings can make the gold jewellery appear silver and vice versa! 

The bottom line: Do you know that a significant part of the picture’s details is highlighted without any additional editing when clicked in the natural light? When you have nature’s wonders doing good for you, why rely on artificial lighting sources? If your studio space does not permit enough natural light, then playing up with the camera’s flashlight will solve most of your problems! Judge the lighting and click excellent product pictures like a pro!