Tips to create a Functional Entrance

Author : jonas joe | Published On : 13 Jan 2022

No matter how large or small your living space, you can create a stylish, organized drop zone that serves all your daily needs and welcomes your guests.

These tips will help you create a functional entrance in any home.

Give yourself a little space

It is generally impossible to remodel or add to a rental apartment so you will have to work with what you have. A narrow console table is a great option for tight hallways. It can be used to store your keys and mail. Hang hooks to hang bags and coats if space is very tight. Another trick for small spaces: Temporarily opens your coat closet door and place a stool or small table inside. This will allow you to take off your shoes and leave enough room for your coats.

You may be allowed to leave a basket or tray of shoes in the common hallway if your apartment is in a secured building and property.

Add functionality

Mirrors can be used to open tight spaces and give the illusion of more space by reflecting light back into them. Retailers sell furniture that can be adapted to fit into narrow spaces. Find furniture that maximizes the space you have by measuring your entryway. Your drop zone can also be used as a storage area for accessories. It makes a big difference in how your day flows.

Leave a message

A message center can be a great way to increase practicality. It allows you to pin reminders and leave messages for loved ones in your drop zone. It's an excellent way to keep everyone connected while they are out and in. You can also use a docking station to charge your electronics.

You should look for small and compact accessories that fit in your space but still serve the purpose. You can personalize your drop zone to include features that are specific to your home. This will ensure everything is easy and available when you need it.