Tips on Painting Realistic Birds for Beginners

Author : Jeson Clarke | Published On : 27 Aug 2021

After purchasing a bird custom painting, you might be intrigued by this unique art form and want to try your hand at it.

Why not use your customized painting of a bird as inspiration to become an artist too? Birds are a popular choice of animal for artists. They can be painted on the limbs of trees or in flight in the blue sky. They are also beautiful creatures that can come in all shapes and colors.

A bird custom painting frequently uses black, red, green, yellow and blue for its main colors. Outlines of bird paintings are often in black ink, while other body colorings are done with thin brushstrokes with light and dark gradations. Brushstrokes are frequently outlined with dots or triangles to create an irregular texture that resembles feathers or scales.

How to Paint Your Own Realistic Bird

Custom paintings are not just for professionals or people who have artistic talent! Many beginners have done amazing things with their artwork that they painted by hand. They may not be able to paint like an experienced painter, but they enjoy the process.

Here are three tips for you to paint your own bird.

1. Choose your favorite bird. There are many different types of birds out there. Some people like bluebirds, some like finches, while others prefer ravens. Choose your favorite, find a picture of it or shoot your own photograph of it.

2. Pick all the base colors for your bird painting. One of the most important parts of a painting is choosing the colors. Choosing colors for a painting can seem complicated, but you will gradually get better at it. There are many ways to choose colors for your bird painting, depending on the medium you pick. Beginners usually find acrylics easy. Watercolors are a little more challenging but allow you to create something different. It’s a tradeoff between ease of use and varying the technique.

3. Sketch in details and then color in your bird. After you make your detailed outline, color your bird, emphasizing the saturation of hues in every color from lighter to darker.

Give It a Try

Try your skill at bird custom painting. This art form has continuously evolved and transformed over time. It is believed that the idea of painting birds as a specialized art form was created by the scholar-painter Huang Gongwang of the Song Dynasty, who used black ink to paint a bird on white paper and then added colors in an irregular fashion.

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