Tips on How to protect your credit card fraud

Author : creditcard | Published On : 19 Mar 2021

If you’re using credit card and you’re thus checking on How to protect your credit card fraud, then you will find that the search for any keyword related to How to protect your credit card fraud will give you endless links for some of the best and high rated websites having information about the TIPS that you can use to protect your credit card and use them safely.

During your research you will learn that, Do not give your credit card account number out over the phone without knowing why. Know who is asking for your phone number before giving a number. Make sure that the person is employed by a leading catalog company, organization, or business. If it is unsolicited calls, do not give out the number.

Do not ever use your credit card on an unsecured website. Online purchases are easy and fast. However, unless the website is secure, your credit card numbers at risk of being stolen. Use only sites that explicitly state they are a safe and reputable business and that such claims can be verified.

Do not ever put your credit card account number on the outside of an envelope or a postcard. Anyone can see this information. If necessary, including credit card or account number information in the envelope and make sure any such details cannot be seen through the envelope.

Do not ever post confidential information on social networking sites. Many people are happy to share all sorts of things about their lives on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn. However, sharing too much can leave you open to ID theft.

Do not sign a blank charge slip. Always know how much it will cost and verify the amount on the receipt given to you.

You are checking your monthly statement. Do not automatically pay your credit card bill every month or let it sit on your desk. Open your account immediately and look closely at every cost listed to verify the amount and whether you make the purchase. If something is wrong, contact your credit card company directly. In this way, you shall be able to determine whether there was a mistake or whether other unauthorized charges have recently been made to your card.

Scissors time through a credit card account numbers. When you get a new card or close the account, cut up old cards with account numbers that cannot be identified.

Protect your credit card and PIN in an ATM or when using the phone. If you use your credit card for a cash advance or long-distance charges on a public telephone, be aware of people around you. Some credit card theft and credit card memorization of the PIN you push the button on the phone. Use your body to block path of anyone’s vision.

Its thus worth to spend some time on checking for How to protect your credit card fraud, so that you may have the right information.