Tips for Designing an Electrical Safety Plan for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Author : Greg Gregoriou | Published On : 27 Dec 2021


Alfresco dining gives a different experience and adds a new level of cooking and entertaining. An outdoor kitchen can be huge benefit and add value to your property. While many spend time and money deciding how they want their outdoor kitchen to look and function, but they don’t give much thought to the electrical features they need to make their kitchen functional effectively. Some owners believe that electrical work is simple and plan to do it themselves. But, DIY electrical wiring and repairs are dangerous, especially if you’re an amateur. It could result in severe injuries and even fires if not done properly.

When you are setting up an outdoor kitchen, please seek the advice of electrician Sydney. Whether you’re thinking or preparing to add an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, these tips from electrical companies Sydney should help you:-

Hire Licensed Electrical Contractors in Sydney

Most minor construction regulations apply to all electrical contractors, and it should be followed. Given the electrical works are dangerous, it’s important to hire an electrician who is trained, licensed, insured. License indicates that the electrical company is well-qualified and equipped to perform the electrical work in residential and commercial properties. On the other hand, insurance can assure the safety of property and belongings while performing electrical work.

Determine the Electrical Needs

The next thing you need to do when designing your outdoor kitchen is to determine the electrical needs. Are you planning to install outdoor cooking appliances? If so, how many? Will you need ceiling fans? How about light fixtures? Do you want additional outlets to be installed? Outdoor heating and cooling? It’s important to discuss these things with your electrician ahead of time so that it can be easier to bring your visions to life. When there are no goals for your project, it can be challenging and you might miss out on key questions and gauge the scope of your outdoor kitchen project and the cost. Hence, define your goals.


Before you start designing and preparing for your outdoor kitchen project, it’s important to check with your city building department. Make sure to understand the building permits and requirements, and processes to secure and pay for them. Permits won’t just apply for the outdoor kitchen alone but also the electrical and plumbing work it requires to set it up. Most cities require an electrical safety inspection to add an additional kitchen to ensure whether it’s built according to safety codes. Failure to obtain the permits can result in substantial fines from the state.

Cooking and enjoying your meal outside is a great experience. However, ensure to meet the proper electrical requirements for seamless operation and safety. For further queries, please get in touch with us.

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