Three Tips for Financing Your Skoda in Australia

Author : Thomson Skoda | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

Buying a new car means preparing yourself for a new financial commitment. Like any big finance change, planning ahead can make managing your budget much easier. For example, using a Skoda car finance calculator and the Skoda finance rate can let you know the current interest rate for your area and also give you an estimate of what your monthly car payment might be. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you shop at Skoda dealers in Sydney

Three Tips for Financing Your Skoda in Australia

1. Ask Your Skoda Dealers in Sydney

When you shop for a new car, the chances are pretty good that you'll be talking to the finance department at a Skoda dealership. The finance department is generally a good resource to understand the auto loans available to you, as well as the specific deals offered by the dealership. Many people are pleasantly surprised by the number of offers they can use to lower the price of a new vehicle.

For example, the value of your current car can play a big role in lowering the sticker price of your new vehicle. Skoda dealers will use trade-in valuation calculations to determine the value of your current car, which will then offset the price of your new car. The finance department may also point you in the direction of national offers.

2. Know Your Financial Situation

Knowing what you can afford before you apply for an auto loan can be helpful. Wise car buyers know that a bigger down payment can lower the interest of a loan, as well as monthly payments. Understanding your budget before you plug in numbers to estimate your auto loan will also give you a better idea of the maximum price you will be able to pay for a car. With this knowledge, you can make changes in your budget or look at vehicles that are within your price range.

3. Use the Skoda Finance Rate and Calculator

Your local Skoda dealership will likely be using the national Skoda finance rate, which is usually similar to the finance rate for auto loans in general. However, Skoda dealerships may have different finance rates based on current deals. You can also visit your local Skoda dealership website to make use of the finance calculator, which is a fast way of collecting information about your finances and estimate the auto loan that you will be able to afford. Some information you will need for the calculator may include:

  • Monthly or annual income
  • Estimated down payment
  • Loan term limit

When it comes to financing your new vehicle, the general rule of thumb is "know before you go". Understanding the limits of your budget will make finding an affordable car easier; it will also make it easier to make changes in your budget to afford a new car, if necessary. When in doubt, you can always use Skoda tools that are available to you, such as the Skoda calculator or the knowledgeable finance experts at the dealership.