Three Steps of designing your lace wig

Author : Cina hair | Published On : 21 Nov 2023

Have you ever designed a wig by yourself? If you are interested in designing a lace wig by yourself, you can follow the five steps to design your wig. 

Prepare your tool

3 bundles with closure, wig cap, maker, a mannequin head, T-pins, scissors, C-shaped needle, and thread

First step: secure the cap

Use T-pins to secure the cap on the wig stand in place, and apply a marker to outline you are ready to sew in a straight line. 

Second, sew bundles 

3 bundles with closure can make a wig, use the C-shaped needle to sew the bundles onto the cap from the nape of the neck to the crown of the head. Sew the lace closure on the hairline and then cut the excess lace at the crown of the head.

Third, styling

Styling your wig to make it look natural, or use heating tools to add the curl. You can also add baby hair around the hairline.


Although the methods of designing your lace wig look easy to do, they need much more patience and care to make sure the natural and pretty looking of lace wigs. If you are still unclear, here is a video about how to design a lace wig.