Three Reasons to Start Your Retirement Planning Now

Author : My Federal Retirement Help | Published On : 06 May 2022

You may have a successful career, a happily married life, and a loving family. What else do you need in life? However, as you get older, several issues start intruding into your life. Old age, medical attention, and reliance on your kids for your expenses are some points of worry that can become a reality soon if you don't plan your retirement.

Like most people, you are busy and simply don't have time to ponder over one of the important decisions of life. Lack of time and the overwhelming feeling is what restrict you from tackling retirement planning. Financial terms, calculations, and paperwork are daunting tasks that stop you from even thinking about your retirement plan. But what if you can leave all these worries aside? Several companies out there, with their expertise and updated knowledge of the retirement plan, can help you plan your retirement without any hustle.

By consulting financial advisors or experts, you can choose a retirement plan aligned with your life goal. Whether you have recently started your federal career or are in the middle of it, you can start planning your retirement anytime. Know various benefits of planning your retirement through the below-mentioned points.

1. Lower stress level

Do you know that 70% of adults worry about money? According to the American Psychiatric Association, money is a major cause of stress among adults. Financial stress triggers various health issues like anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and migraine.

Making a decision today can save you from stress in later stages of life. That’s why retirement planning is an important step that can help you maintain your emotional and physical well-being ahead in life.

2. Reduce tax burden

Retirement is the time when tax can eat out a major portion of your income and savings if you aren't vigilant. However, solid financial planning for your retirement can drastically reduce your tax burden.

One of the approaches is contributing to FERS' special retirement plan. TSP is one of the components of the FERS retirement plan, which is closely designed to resemble 401 (k) and Roth 401k. A thrift saving plan is a tax-deferred retirement saving plan that provides you the same benefit as private corporations offer to their employees.

Tax-deferred saving plans deny tax deduction on your investment amount unless it is withdrawn, especially done after retirement. Hence, it helps reduce the tax burden on your income.

3. Medical expenditure

Medical expenses go up as you grow old, which adds to your expenditure. Instead of relying on your savings or on someone else, you can incur the cost of your medical expenditure with federal medicare supplement plans.

Many different medicare plans exist; you can choose according to your healthcare needs. However, almost all Medicare plans cover 80% of your emergency health care services, hospital care co-insurance and costs, and co-payments. Before choosing a plan, make sure that it matches your requirement so that you can cover a major portion of your medical expenses.