Things To Know Before Hiring A Georgia Business Attorney

Author : Irnise Fennell Williams | Published On : 30 Apr 2021


Being a businessman proceeds with great responsibilities. As much as it is satisfying, several challenges are bound to pop up from time to time. Most small business owners or entrepreneurs have no idea about certain business laws, land acquisition laws, trademark infringement, and so on. Hiring a Georgia Business Attorney would a good idea to get off the burden of all complex legal matters associated and focus entirely on growing the business.

What services should you expect from a Business Attorney?

1. Business Formation: Depending on a few circumstances, business attorneys will advise on the type of business entity suitable for forming a company. I.e., Partnerships, Corporations, or LLC, LLP, PC. All other provisions like corporate bylaws, operation agreements will be based on this information.

2. Assistance in Selling/ Buying Assets: Business attorneys are knowledgeable strategists. They will figure out what the future aspects are? How profitable would it be? Which assets to buy or sell? And at what stage of business. It is an important decision to accomplish certain business goals.

3. Assistance in Operations: The legal matters to be addressed daily when dealing with clients or employees can assist a business attorney. This includes the general business policies, Non-Disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, employee rights, workplace disputes, and so on.

4. Contracts: A good attorney will know which clauses are necessary for your type of business. Any contract made between you and your clients and vendors will be drafted and executed by your attorney. Choose an expert Business Attorney Houston Texas, who is particularly trained in writing business contracts.

5. Shareholder's Agreements: It is critical to have an agreement made when the company has multiple members. What happens during a split or when a share is being sold? Agreements viewing disputes, leaving ownership by any member, or being skillfully drafted by an attorney to avoid future mishaps in the event of death.

6. Litigation: The business attorney takes charge of all litigations. For large businesses, they may appoint in-house counsels to manage the cases. Some prefer to settle before the cases go to trial. That saves up a lot of time and money. Consult with a Georgia Business Attorney if facing any trouble in legal issues.

Trademark License Agreements:

1. Acquiring a business license and Trademarking the company name are the initial and quintessential steps for a business. An attorney will ensure the protection of the brand name plus advance brand equity. He will identify breakthrough products and assets of your company and file for intellectual property rights.

It may seem like an unnecessary expense in the beginning. Still, all successful businessmen know the importance of having a business attorney who will work as a partner in growing your business.