Things-To-Do in Palm Springs This Weekend

Author : breakout banglore | Published On : 07 May 2021

Visiting Palm Springs can be a fascinating way to spend your weekend out with your family or friends! Just a few hours’ drive from the city of Los Angeles, this city engulfs you in its fresh breath of nature. Take a short break from the woes and worries of your life and visit Palm Springs this weekend. The ongoing pandemic situation has ruled out quite a few options from the list of things to do in Palm Springs this weekend. But there are still several ways left for you to enjoy your time in this city some of which are discussed below.


  • Pay a visit to the Spring Show held at the Desert Art Centre.

A fascinating Spring Show is being held at the Desert Art Centre at Palm Springs. The Desert Art Centre, probably the longest-running art center, is now open for a beautiful spring show. It has opened again after a long time following the Covid-19 lockdown. So, visit the fascinating Spring Show as you visit Palm Springs this weekend with your family or friends! The Show shall put forth works of fine arts like acrylic and oil paintings amidst others.


  • Hiking at the Chuckwalla Trail

Going for an extensively guided hiking trip on the Chuckwalla Trail is a great way to spend your weekend in Palm Springs. Enjoy your hiking trail as you roll past the Santa Rosa mountains. Observe and learn a lot about the various desert plants that you see your way. You can even hire a local guide who would take you through the local history. The entire trek comprises about 3 miles, rising to an altitude of approximately 400 feet. To go for a hike at the Chuckwalla Trail, travelers must complete the registration beforehand. They are open from 14-days before the event. The good news is that you do not need to pay any amount of money for the hiking trail!


  • A gala dinner theater night at Chi-Chi Dinner

End your day with a beautiful theater night at the Chi Chi Dinner in Palm Springs. Every guest needs to pay $150 per person, including a four-course dinner and the theater night. Because of the ongoing pandemic situation, dinner tables are arranged by maintaining social distancing. Guests need to worry about their safety and health while enjoying their dining experience at the Chi Chi Dinner. It is probably the most exciting thing to do in Palm Springs this weekend!


  • Enjoy the Escape Rooms at the Palm Springs

Escape rooms are an adventurous way to spend your weekend. Delve into an escape room with your family or friends and solve those tricky riddles before the timer runs out! Even if you are looking for an escape room out from the crowds of tourists to more of a quiet place, Palm Springs has it for you. The average amount that the escape rooms would cost at Palm Springs varies from about $25 to $30. However, few of the escape rooms might cost a bit more.


Despite the pandemic, there are still quite a few things to do in Palm Springs this weekend! So take your family or group of friends for a short trip to this city in California and enjoy your weekend!