Things to Consider While Buying the Best Bud

Author : wholesale bud | Published On : 20 Apr 2021

Getting the best bud for your medical or recreational desire is an exciting job, but it can be a big challenge at the very same time. These days, more and more people are getting cannabis, considering the various medical values. But getting the pure buds in Canada can be quite a tough job with so many products to choose from and growers to compare. 

There is no specific way to find the best buds while buying online. Some people look towards the high THC content to choose from, but high THC strains are not for everybody. Choosing the buds based on the THC level can hardly provide you with any medicinal value; rather, it can just be used for recreation. 

Some strategies to distinguish the good buds from the bad ones

1. Size: The main goal of the cannabis plant is to get pollinated, and hence it is often seen that the cannabis plants put most of their energy and the growing power in the topmost portion of the plant. So, in this portion, you will be able to find the tastiest and most potent buds that the plant holds. So, you can witness more sales of big buds in online dispensaries compared to smaller ones. The stems of the big buds are larger, but these can provide you with the maximum benefits.

2. Texture: Like wine or other beverages, even pots have a shelf life. With time, the moisture from the finest flowers can also decrease, and as a result, this can make the buds dry, harsh, and flavourless. So, after you receive the package, make sure to press lightly on the package and listen closely. If the buds crackle, it might indicate that the bud has overcome its prime and will have to check the return policy.

3. Colour: Weed comes in a wide range of green, purple as well as pink hues. So check the buds more closely to determine the shade of the buds. If you find that the bud is very light or even white, it might be a clear indication that the buds are sun-damaged. It can be smoked, but when exposed to heat and light, the THC level can convert the cannabinoid into Cannabiniol, which have other sedative effects. 

4. Trichomes: The more the number of trichomes in your cannabis, the better the quality is. Before making any choice, try to determine the number of trichomes present in the bud. If the flowers seem to like it has just taken a salt bath, consider it the best.

So, these are the basic things you need to check while choosing pure buds in Canada.

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