Things that the Best Law Colleges in Indore Offer Their Students

Author : Amity University | Published On : 23 Sep 2021

Pursuing a career in Indian law can be a very lucrative career choice provided you have the right plan to follow. It needs an extensive and strict regime of courses and curriculum to be followed in the best law courses in mp. Law colleges offer a constructive platform to candidates for pursuing such courses. They offer excellent integrated law courses that reward two bachelor’s degrees at the end of the course. These courses cover the requirement of a bachelor’s degree to pursue an undergraduate law course. You can finish this course in just 5 years. Kind of courses you can avail yourself of as a law student is:

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Types of integrated law courses

As per the respective education board, the integrated law courses are designed including the various bachelors’ courses the aspirants want to pursue. For instance, the best law college in Indore conducts the following integrated Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB) courses.

  1. Bachelor of Art and  Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BBA LLB)
  3. Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Legislative Law (B.Com LLB)

These are the most popular courses that eligible law candidates pick to guide their careers in a particular direction. By pursuing B.Com LLB, an aspirant will become efficient in commercial laws and can provide exceptional legal aid to his business clients. Similarly, BA LLB aspirants are suitable to become family lawyers, criminal lawyers, labor lawyers, etc. The BBA LLB aspirants can become corporate lawyers, company lawyers, law consultants, etc. The best law colleges in MP offer the promising and ideal platform to its students to pursue such courses and to choose the right area for building a career.

Factors to Choosing an LLM Degree

Once you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, you will need a master’s course to add specializations to your academic curriculum. The best law college in Indore offers the best LLM courses providing the ideal specializations to choose from. There are different domains of Indian law that you can practice and become a professional lawyer. These postgraduate courses are designed to offer deeper knowledge in chosen domains and to develop excellent employable skills and soft skills among the candidates.   

By using the knowledge you have gained from the bachelor’s degree, you will be able to choose a particular subject for specialization. The common choices are:

  • Company law
  • Business law
  • Corporate law
  • Family law
  • Criminal law
  • Law of evidence
  • Labor law
  • Environment law
  • Gender studies, etc.

You will discover a diverse set of domains to choose from and study an LLM course in the best law college in MP. Consider looking for more information regarding the areas from your mentors, seniors, or professors to make informed decisions. In this way, you can make a brilliant career in this industry.

Bottom line

The most crucial element is to choose the best law college in Indore to accomplish your dreams to become a lawyer. Find the leading law colleges; compare their infrastructure and course fees to choose the most suitable one for your career.