There Really Isn’t Any I in Team!

Author : David Marton | Published On : 23 Sep 2021

Teams work best when every team member is on board with the responsibilities that are divided amongst them. People from different backgrounds but one common interest or goal come together and form a team. Now, those different backgrounds might cause a clash amongst them but the common goal should always be kept in mind while working professionally. A digital marketing agency requires the team members to work closely and in a harmony to make the best of any campaign.  

A team lead is responsible for delegating the tasks to each team member but this should not always be a one-way thing. Input from the team members must be welcomed. When they feel like they are heard, they tend to perform better in their respective areas.

Any clash of internal conflict within the team should be immediately addressed and resolved by the team member. And this can be done by promoting active communication amongst the team members. If anyone feels like their work is suffering due to any reason, be it technical difficulty or a problem with any other team member, they should address it and try to resolve it. If issues are not dealt with immediately they can escalate or become a cause for grudges amongst the team members. The matters must, at all costs, be dealt with fairness. If any team member feels like they are not given equal importance or treatment as others, it can break up the whole team and make matters even worse for everyone.

A social media marketing agency has multiple individuals from different backgrounds working on a single goal. And that goal is to take a certain brand to the heights of success in terms of digital marketing. This can only be done when they are all gelled in together and respect each other and the work that each one of them does. If the factor of respect is not present, it makes it harder for them to cooperate with each other and perform as a team.

Exhaustion should also be avoided whenever possible. Of course, when there are multiple deadlines to meet, everyone has to work twice as hard but it should not become harmful. All the team members must be comfortable with their work hours and the distribution of tasks. If they are not, they might start losing interest in work or feel demotivated. And nothing slows down work than a demotivated team. So, keep their morale high by keeping the team working smoothly. Make sure that they get along. Even if there is an issue, try to resolve it as soon as possible to avoid any permanent damage.

To conclude, there is nothing else left to say other than, ‘there is no I in team’ and it is up to the manager or the team lead to ensure that. Of course, we are not saying that individual work should not be appreciated, it should, but when it comes to teamwork there should be an equal division of tasks and appreciation.