The Volvo FH16: How Does It Compare With the Competition?

Author : Western Truck Group | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

Queensland drivers have favoured the FH16 for years because of the many appealing features of the truck. But what exactly are these features that manage to balance power and driver comfort? If you're a QLD driver looking for a heavy-duty truck, then it may be time to check out the Volvo FH16 for sale in your area.

The Volvo FH16: How Does It Compare With the Competition?

There are plenty of exciting features that help this Volvo truck stand out against the competition. For efficient driving, it's essential that the cab be designed to be intuitive, ergonomic, and sensible so you can operate the truck with ease. Volvo has a long history of creating reliable vehicles, so it should come as no surprise that even their flagship heavy-duty trucks are jam-packed with features that prioritize function.


The interior is the best place to experience the functionality of a Volvo truck. The ergonomically-designed truck gives you immediate comfort when you sit in the cab since the I-Shift gear is placed in a natural position and integrated into the seat. The driver interface is also designed with convenience in mind since you can make most commands from the wheel.

Furthermore, the digital display for the instruments also includes a nine-inch display that is placed right within your line of sight. With this driver interface, it's easier than ever to command traction control for different road conditions. Drivers can even use voice control in the newer FH16 models, which is something that the competition hasn't caught up to yet.


Make no mistake about it - even though this Euro engine is decidedly more delicate than other heavy-duty trucks, the power of these engines is second to none. With up to 700 horsepower at the ready and up to 3150Nm of torque power, the FH16 has no direct competition in Queensland. The Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines are part of the D16 powertrain range and can keep up with any demands for heavy-duty hauls, even on roads with terrain that requires more liberal torque power.


The handling of the FH16 is second to none, and a lot of that credit can go to the I-Shift gearbox, an automatically-timed transmission programmed by complex software. This transmission is designed to make driving the truck easier and more intuitive so you can shift gears and customize traction to fit your driving needs. The I-Shift is so sensitive that it can allow the truck to crawl at low speeds without any rough engine reactions or loss of torque.

As a European brand, it should come as no surprise that the overall engineering of the FH16 is leading among other truck competitors in QLD. There are tons of features that make this heavy-duty truck a star, such as the ergonomic interior, the powerful engines, and the intuitive transmission. Every level of handling is completely customized too, right down to how much traction the truck is getting from the road. For a safe, reliable, fuel-efficient, and powerful ride, the FH16 is the only way to go.