Which president has the highest IQ score?

Author : Emma Watson | Published On : 25 Dec 2023

Here are some facts about the presidents’ IQ scores that we’ve researched. Dean Simonton, a professor at the University of California at Davis, made a way to guess how smart the presidents are. He gave each boss a score based on how open and smart they were. A lot of the presidents have IQs that are mostly around 130. IQ scores aren’t always that high, though. Some of them are even higher than the rest. Based on their IQ, here in this post, we will show you a list of the presidents with the highest IQ scores.

Which president has the highest IQ score?

John Quincy Adams – IQ score: 168.75

One of the smartest presidents of the United States was John Quincy Adams, who had an IQ of 168.75 after taking the IQ test.

The future sixth president of the United States (1825–1829) fell in love with a local woman while studying law at Harvard University, but his parents told him to build his job first before marrying her.

Adams took the advice, even though it made him sad. He went on to become one of the most respected and useful leaders in history.

People remember him for being a good negotiator. He signed the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the War of 1812, worked out an agreement with Britain about where the U.S. border with Canada should be, and he bought Florida from Spain.

His victories are a strong reason to put duty ahead of love.

Thomas Jefferson – IQ score: 153.75

Thomas Jefferson was a planter, a lawyer, and a politician, but he also knew a lot about mechanics, building, and several languages. He was also very good at surveying and math.

He had a lot of different hobbies and was very busy. To keep everything in check, he had a very strict schedule: he got up with the sun, ate breakfast at 8, had a big lunch at 3, and used a trusty notebook to keep track of everything.

One of Jefferson’s accomplishments was writing the Declaration of Independence when he was only thirty-one years old.

As president from 1801 to 1809, he did a lot: he doubled the size of the country, made peace with France, and grew American trade. Even after he stopped being president and started the University of Virginia, he was still too busy to do everything.

John F. Kennedy – IQ score: 150.65

Not only was JFK smart, he was also a brave man who battled illnesses his whole life and never gave up.

He studied political theory at Harvard and then did great things in the Naval Reserve during World War II. During his short presidency (1961–1963), he had to deal with some very tough political issues.

Kennedy led the U.S. through the height of the civil rights and women’s rights movements, as well as the Cold War and conflicts with Cuba and the Middle East.

It was during this time that the 35th president signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and made the ideas for what would become the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This helped move the country toward a more fair future.

Bill Clinton – IQ score: 148.8

There was a lot of family drama when President No. 42 was a child (1993–2001), but that didn’t stop him.

Clinton was a good student in high school, which got him a chance to represent his school and meet John F. Kennedy. That meeting made him want to work for the government.

The young man relied on scholarships to pay for his schooling at Georgetown, Oxford, and finally Yale Law School.

Clinton was chosen governor of Arkansas after teaching law at the University of Arkansas. He worked his way up until he was in charge of the whole country.

Woodrow Wilson – IQ score: 145.1

Wilson didn’t do well in law school and dropped out, but he passed the Georgia bar test.

He worked hard to open a law company but gave up because he was bored.

He finally went back to school and majored in political science. This helped him get elected as the 28th president (1913–1921).

There is a lesson to be learned here: going in a different direction can lead to success! That is, if you want to burn brains.