The Uniqueness of South Africa & Memberships of the Country’s Golf Clubs

Author : Gary Hayes | Published On : 18 Mar 2021

South Africa is one of the dream destinations of the globe. Many international tourists from many countries visit South Africa every year for spending their family holidays. Nature is propitious on this country in providing extreme natural resources. The country has a rich flora and fauna for nature lovers. It is a preferred destination for tourists because of its superb beauty, a lot of sightseeing and recreation options, and affordability. One can enjoy nature immensely in South Africa, besides doing many other activities. One of the primary attractions of South Africa is its golf clubs and courses.

World-Class Golf Courses and Clubs of South Africa

South Africa has world-class golf courses and clubs. There are over 450 affiliated golf clubs serving more than 125,000 golfers, according to the data released by the South African Golf Association. The best golf courses in the world are present in this country. It is a matter of pride for a golfer to sign up for the golf club membership of any of the prestigious clubs in the country. Many golf clubs have large and well-built golf courses designed by famous golf architects. South Africa has plenty of land for large golf courses. Most golf clubs and their courses have been built in natural settings that offer immense enjoyment of the scenic and serene natural environment to the club members and golfers.

About SA Golf Club Membership

South Africa provides the best combination of old and new golf clubs and their courses. Some old clubs reflect the country’s heritage. They still stand like legendary structures despite many years of their existence. One can join a golf club in South Africa for the best entertainment in this country. Besides, it provides a chance to play golf in challenging settings; many golf courses have tough settings. You may not have seen such type of golf courses in your lifetime. Many golf clubs are seasonal, but some are open all year-round. Some South African golf courses offer seasonal memberships also. Some golf courses also allow the entry of non-members. Thus, there are many entertainment opportunities for the golfers and non-golfers in these clubs.

Advantages to the SA Golf Club Members

South African golf clubs are known for not only their superb golf courses but also many other facilities to the members and other permitted visitors. Golf membership of the club allows the golfers to experience world-class golf play on the golf course. Besides, a member can avail of other benefits at special prices. Many golf clubs have a spacious hall for functions, events, meetings, and conferences. Some golf clubs are superb wedding venues in natural settings. Regular cafeterias operate in the golf clubs. The clubs also provide special catering to the event hosts at reasonable prices. The clubs have indoor recreational facilities.

Wrap Up

South Africa is a must-visit destination for tourism. If you are keen on golf, this destination is more valuable for you as a golfer. Your visit to this country can fulfil the dual purpose of family holidays on an international paradise destination and the best experience of golf playing in your lifetime.