The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your WooCommerce Website

Author : tech seo00 | Published On : 21 Sep 2021

We, as individuals, optimize nearly everything to save time and money. Of course, we do that by setting up automatic processing or by setting new devices and machinery. But from time to time, it's not about generating something new – it's about optimizing things that already exist or Speed Up WooCommerce Website.

Today, we will talk about optimizing the customer experience for online buyers. Specifically, we will give you applied tips to aid you in optimizing your WooCommerce Website.

If your website loads very slowly, it means it is not optimized appropriately. And result in to make people do their shopping on some other website.

What Is WooCommerce Optimization?

WooCommerce Optimization is all about performance like load time, speed, response time. It is about user experience (UX), which makes store users' experience of using it possible like a well-designed path to buy. SEO is also a part of WooCommerce Speed Optimization Services, which generates and optimizes a website's content to rank the website higher in search results.

Benefits of WooCommerce Optimization

The first impression is the last. And if the first impression of your website is not good, there are chances to drop your customers. So let have a quick view of the benefits of WooCommerce Speed Optimization Services. 


Higher Revenue

Better Website Traffic

Improved Conversion Rate

Better Google Ranking

Faster Website Load Time

Lower Server Cost

Reasons Your WooCommerce Store is not Optimized

It may be simple to answer. Following are some reasons. 


  • It uses new, numerous, unverified plugins, themes, page builders, or frameworks. It entails a risk of making web stores slower and more vulnerable when it comes to WooCommerce Speed Optimization Services. 
  • High resolution Images 
  • Choosing the lousy hosting provider services for a web store is like choosing the car engine; it’s about using its total capacity instead of accepting averageness.


WooCommerce Optimization in Practice

Precisely, let’s be more authentic. Fortunately, you must not be a tech-savvy WordPress and WooCommerce user to implement at least some changes. Sometimes you have to install and configure some plugins or hire best hosting providers who will Speed Up WooCommerce Services for you. But before we deliver what we have just promised, let’s briefly describe elements of WooCommerce Optimization Services.

Image Optimization - You can optimize images by using a plugin. 

Video Optimization - In particular, you have three solutions to Speed Up WooCommerce Website by removing the videos, implementing lazy loading and inserting a preview image, and starting self-hosting videos.

Using Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you want to sell globally, you must know that the distance between the hosting server and users determines the load time. So, if your server is in Turkey and you have visitors from Sydney, they will have to wait longer than visitors from North America. To solve that problem, you should use the CDN. Its main task is to store copies of your WooCommerce store worldwide and redirect visitors to the nearest document. 


Caching means storing the website, so it’s quicker to retrieve it in the future. It’s because caching plugins improve your speedup WooCommerce Speed Optimization Services only if appropriately applied.

Resolving Database Issues

Your database will grow together with your store over time, and it will store more and more data. But after few months, a year, or maybe two, it may start negatively affecting your website’s load time—old cleanup from routinely. There are two things to do: manually or by installing a plugin. First, remember to back up all files and databases before using such a plugin. Then, when you are prepared to clean up your database, and you don’t want to do that manually, consider using a plugin that will do that dirty work for you. For example, you can choose any company to resolve all database issues. 

Code Optimization

We have come a long way already, but it’s not enough — let’s focus on your website’s code this time. You can optimize it using three different techniques: GZIP, minification, and concatenation compression through WooCommerce Speed Optimization Services.

Plugins Review

Installing and testing plugins is probably the fastest and the easiest way to slow down any WordPress website, especially those using WooCommerce Website. Of course, our goal is to Speed Up the WooCommerce of your website, but it can turn the other way. Fortunately, you can avoid that by keeping updated plugins, uninstalling obsolete plugins, keeping the number of active plugins as low as possible, keep checking who developed the plugin and if it’s regularly updated.

Choosing the Right Theme

If you have thought that choosing the right plugin is difficult, what would you say about choosing the suitable theme? Well, numerous platforms have several WordPress themes and website templates. But unfortunately, many of them are overstuffed with never-ending lines of code to attain particular possessions. So how can you select the one that is not only attractive but also well-coded? Or, if you previously have an online store, you can make a quick check manually. After making a backup of your existing site, change your theme to the default theme. Does your website speed up? If yes, you have an issue with your website, and you should consider altering it. If you do not have an online store yet, Navicosoft helps you make your WooCommerce Speed Optimization Services run like a dream.

Choosing Reliable and Fast Hosting

Everyone wants to spend as low as possible to have much worth, especially if you are a startup. However, we strongly suggest looking against savings for choosing the hosting provider. It does not make any difference initially, but as the web traffic grows, more images, more extensive databases, and many other things will start slowing your web store. So do not look for an inexpensive solution. Instead, choose the one that’s reliable and fast hosting providers. There are many web-hosting providers, some of them inexpensive, some of the more exclusive. But in that situation, price shouldn’t be the most imperative criterion of choice. Always choose excellence Precisely, but what web hosting servers should you choose? It is to help online store owners. Web design companies have the best and cheap hosting plan and WooCommerce Optimization Services for your online store.


Before taking any action, identify your online store by swapping a theme or using one of the speed trials with WooCommerce Optimization Services. It is a small step, but it is also a good start for WooCommerce Optimization.