The Secrets to Extend the Life of Car Batteries

Author : Buddy Chebib Chebib | Published On : 20 Jan 2022


Nothing is as annoying as dealing with a car that won’t start when you need them the most. It always seems to happen at the worst times, doesn’t it? Perhaps you’re stuck on the side of the road, or waiting for hours to get your car serviced at the garage, but either way, dealing with dead car batteries can be overwhelming. There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your car battery so that you’re not stuck with this problem as often as you are now.

Avoid Extreme Heat and Cold

Cold weather is tough on batteries—the colder it gets, the faster they drain. Many people believe that leaving a dead battery in their car over winter will help it last longer in spring, but when you do that, you’re just damaging and weakening your battery. Extreme heat is also damaging to a vehicle’s engine and its electrical components.

Keep the Battery Clean

One of the best ways to prolong your battery’s lifespan is by ensuring it stays clean. Check out some simple steps you can take at home, as well as what professionals can do for you.

Don’t Leave It Charging All Night

Your car battery will lose its charge over time if it’s not used, but leaving it plugged in when you don’t need a boost can shorten its lifespan dramatically. The alternator only charges while you drive, so there’s no reason to leave it connected when you park at home. Unless that is, you need a quick starting vehicle every morning. Then use an automatic charger, which will keep your battery topped off without overcharging or draining.

Learn How to Diagnose Problems Early

When your car’s engine starts knocking or making weird noises, it’s best not to ignore it. After all, ignoring a problem will only make things worse. If you experience issues with any piece of equipment in your home or office, take action right away.

What to Look For When Buying a Car Battery?

If your car won’t start even after servicing your battery, maybe it’s time to start looking for wholesale car batteries. While the best car battery prices is a major concern, don’t settle with cheap deals as they might come with defects and perform below average. In addition, they will also cost you more when maintaining and replacing them. There are several factors to consider when looking for the best price on car batteries, including battery’s brand, size, cold-cranking and amp rating, age, reserve capacity, and warranty.

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