The Rising Demand of Cost-Effective and Low-Maintenance Brake Pads

Author : Jake Jordan | Published On : 11 May 2022

For a very long time, automobiles have been helping us move goods and most importantly, people. To make sure safety was maintained during transportation, braking systems were invented to stop speeding vehicles. The basic theory of braking involves the application of frictional force on the moving wheel, either directly or indirectly. Although there are various types of braking systems that have evolved in due course, brake pads are an essential component of every braking system. Brake Pads in SE Calgary are the most popular automotive spare parts that make sure vehicles are safer to move around in.

Back in the day, people used wooden blocks that were engaged by a lever, to apply friction to the steel-rimmed wheels to stop the vehicles. This braking system was extensively used in horse-pulled carriages and steam-powered vehicles. The only problem with these types of brakes was that they used to wear out very soon and the wooden blocks had to be replaced every now and then.

In 1902, Louis Renault invented mechanical drum brakes which were a more efficient technology to stop automobiles. The drum brakes are still in use and have been found to be cheaper and last longer. Earlier, the brake pads that are used in this type were made out of cast iron. Later on, this was replaced by copper and steel. These types had a lower rate of wear compared to the ones made of iron. Though there were a few considerable drawbacks of metal braces. These were too noisy and often left residue around other components of the brakes.

After a series of research and trials, non-metallic and non-Asbestos-Organic brake pads were introduced. These were made of a combination of different types of rubbers, resins, and glasses, often supported by metal fibers. Although these were less noisy and slightly cheaper, they used to leave toxic dust around them and also this wears out quickly and hence was not a popular choice for people who traveled more frequently. As a result, semi-metallic brake pads gained a lot of popularity because of their high durability. They had 65% metal in them that were held together with synthetic compounds.

Now let's look at the most efficient of them all. Ceramic brakes made out of a combination of copper and clay have proven to be the best on the market. Shops that sell Brakes in SE Calgary make it a point to keep all types of brake pads, including these types. These last longer than any other type and are most effective even when brakes are applied violently. These are just more expensive so not a popular choice among many. However, when it's a matter of safety, one must not hesitate in using the best product available.

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