The Pros And Cons Of The Virtual Educational Books In Child Education

Author : Anjali Semwal | Published On : 24 Sep 2021

The future of educational books is a matter of debate and discussion these days. Will digital books replace paperbacks? Find a discussion in this article.

Many book publishers in India have started focusing on digital book publication for child education. The article renders more information in this regard.

The growth of digital media has been exceptional over the last few years. After the Covid-19 pandemic, people have become more reliant on digital media. Instead of visiting the local grocery stores, people can now order their monthly grocery products online. Instead of visiting schools, kids attend online classes these days.

In such a scenario, the impact of digital media can be noted in educational books. Virtual books or e-books gradually replace paperbacks. So, what will be the impact of the virtual books on your kids’ education? Find some interesting discussions on this matter in the following section of this article.

The Benefits of eBooks for Kids

How can schools students get benefitted from e-books? One can assume many advantages, and you can find a few of those assumptions in the following section.

1. Kids Want Interactive Learning

Digital books are more interactive than conventional paperbacks. Today, every kid loves the digital screens, as they spend time playing online games. The digital books designed for the kids can teach them through stimulating effects. Such an interactive way of learning will help your kids to learn things quickly. Moreover, studying will not be a boring thing for him.

2. Cost-effective

In India, many students struggle due to the high cost of education. The price of paperbacks is also rising with the advent of time. As a result, students cannot afford to consult more than one book. But, digital books are affordable, and thus students can consult multiple books for better learning.


3. Books at Your Fingertips

Carrying paper books is not an easy thing, especially when you have to carry multiple books. But, you can carry thousands of digital books along with your smartphone. Digital books are always available at your fingertips if you have an internet connection to your handheld device. For this reason, studying is possible even on long vacations with family.

4. Access Any Book Anytime

On the digital platforms of the book publishers, you can access any book anytime. Searching the study materials and organising them according to your preferences will be easier with the online books. Thus, kids can learn more systematically with online books.

Can e-Books Replace Printed Books?

Is it possible that e-books will completely replace the printed books in the future? Though digital books are rapidly becoming popular, the printed books are still in demand these days. In the future, the number of digital readers will keep rising. Thus, people will be lesser reliant on conventional paperbacks.

But, it does not mean that printed books will become obsolete. At present, it is difficult to predict anything on this. Printed books are still important, and they will continue to be an essential part of your kids’ education. But, e-books will render more convenience. Thus, kids should get accustomed to e-books.

Other Impacts of Digital Learning

Digital learning has both positive and negative sides. While it makes learning cheaper, it also makes kids addicted to smartphone devices. Today, addiction to the handheld devices of kids is a big concern for parents. So, the digital book publishers in India should keep this thing in mind too.

Overall, digital learning seems to be the future of learning for the world. So, kids must gradually get accustomed to e-books.