The Process of Medical Detox

Author : Gallus Detox | Published On : 14 Sep 2021


Gallus Medical Center provides a safe, supportive environment for those in need of medical detoxification. With an emphasis on patient education and individualized treatment plans they have helped many patients overcome addiction problems with success stories that evidence their effectiveness as well!


The Gallus Medical Detox Center offers various levels rehabilitation services including short-term residential programs to help people struggling from substance abuse disorders treat underlying mental illnesses which can lead them down unhealthy paths if unmanaged properly; longer term therapeutic communities catering specifically toward serous addicts requiring extensive support beyond just medication management but also therapy sessions overseeing progress throughout this process while learning self-care skills too so when released back into society again we're confident these individuals will be equipped enough

1. Gallus Medical Detox Center is located in Phoenix, Arizona

2. We offer the finest medical detoxification services for people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol

3. Our treatment methods include medication-assisted therapy, counseling, group therapy sessions, and more

4. If you or someone you know needs addiction help call us today at 866-525-4903!


The Gallus Medical Detox Center in Colorado


The Gallus Medical Detox Center in Colorado offers a variety of treatments for drug and alcohol addiction, including medication-assisted rehabilitation with Sub Oxone.

A typical day at The Gallus Treatment Program starts early as patients arrive before 8am; this helps them avoid socializing while they are still under the influence which may lead back into old habits such drinking or taking drugs recreationally. Patients spend their first few hours being assessed by an intake specialist who will then decide if it's best to refer out specific programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous (Narc). Those without referrals


1. Gallus Medical Detox Center is a Denver, Colorado detox center that offers quality care and treatment to individuals in need

2. The team at Gallus Medical specializes in treating clients who are struggling with addiction, withdrawal symptoms, or both

3. Gallus Medical's approach to treatment includes medically supervised detoxification from drugs and alcohol, as well as individualized counseling sessions for each client

4. When someone comes into the facility they will be assessed by a licensed physician who will then provide any necessary medical attention before beginning their detox process

5. In addition to providing high-quality care for those seeking help with drug addiction and alcoholism, Gallus also provides family therapy services so that clients can get back on track with their loved ones when they leave the facility

6. We hope you'll take a moment to learn more about our Denver detox center so you can decide if we're right for your needs!