The Overall Cost to Become a US CPA

Author : Rahil Kumar | Published On : 04 Sep 2021

In this fast and competitive world, where everyone aspires to secure a respectable and highly coveted designation to work, US CPA is one of the ideal choices to serve the financial market globally because of their acute demand, they are highly recommended in global service sectors.

As a US CPA is equivalent to Chartered Accountant qualification in India which itself is a secured job profile.


This professional certification propels up-skilling and value addition to the working professionals.


Keeping in mind the value of this globally recognized certification, it is vital to understand how much it costs to take the Uniform CPA Examination and to become a US CPA. The CPA Course Cost and licensure vary by state, but knowing each of the fees involved is an important step in the process towards becoming a CPA.


When it comes to the CPA Exam cost, the major fee is bifurcated into 3 different segments:

  • Payment to State Board
  • NASBA, and
  • Prometric Centre alongside the
  • CPA Exam Review Course chosen to study and
  • Any additional services that maybe needed.


  • The State Boards of Accountancy: They are responsible for licensing Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who practice in that state. Each board issues rules that govern what a person must do in order to become a licensed CPA. Individual states issue CPA licenses, so one must apply initially to a state board of accountancy to begin the licensure process that include some charges along with CPA Exam application.
  • The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA):  Some amount is being charged by this body for processing and evaluating educational transcripts of a candidate and helping candidates in completing the application process and also scheduling to receive the Notice to Schedule.
  • Prometric: It operates a test center network composed of thousands of sites in 160 countries. Many examinations are administered at Prometric sites. The CPA EXAM now has Prometric Centre’s in India as well.


When one is applying to take the CPA Exam, they are entitled to pay an application fee, enrollment fee and examination fee. Depending on their chosen state they wish to sit from, one is also required to pay a registration fee at some point. The chargeable fee amount varies from state board to state board out of 55-50 states adhere to NASBA’s examination fee schedule.


The next set of fees one needs to pay is the exam fees. These are the costs associated with actually taking the exam.

After receiving the NTS, a candidate will be able to choose which sections they want to take and pay the applicable fees. The CPA exam fee is approx. INR 1. Lac and international testing fee is approx. 1 lac.

Consequently, many states also require an individual to appear and pass an ethics exam after completing the uniform CPA exam in order to get their CPA license.

Furthermore, after successfully completing all four sections of the CPA exam and completing the AICPA ethics exam, one will need to pay the CPA licensing fees to the state board as well, the cost of which varies between states.


Later in point incurs, cost of the CPA Review Prep Course that a candidate chooses to study. Amounting the overall CPA Course Fees in India to approx. INR 3,00,000 which includes training fees.


The objective of this article is to elaborate and highlight the costing section of the US CPA Exam in order to provide a clear-cut demarcation of expenditure which a candidate should foresee before planning to take up this certification.