The new Toyota bZ4X electric SUV with a new four-wheel-drive system

Author : Floris Muna | Published On : 30 Mar 2022

The new bZ4X, Toyota's first zero-emission battery-electric car model in its new bZ family (beyond zero), makes its European premiere this spring. The Toyota bZ4X electric SUV not only represents an advancement in Toyota's well-established electrification technology but also has significant safety, driver assistance, and multimedia connectivity improvements. In addition, it makes the vehicle more than just a mode of transportation and gives more mobility options.

The new bZ4X electric SUV is a radical departure for Toyota in the way people acquire a car. The lease program includes all of the main features of driving an automobile. Thanks to the " all-in-one " approach, it is easy to understand and provides peace of mind for people purchasing their first electric vehicle thanks to the "all-in-one" approach.

The all-new four-wheel drive technology in the Toyota bZ4X makes it a roomy, luxurious SUV. It has electric motors on each axle, allowing it class-leading off-road capabilities and performance. Because it is constructed on Toyota's brand-new platform for battery electric vehicles, this is the company's first all-electric vehicle model from the ground up. According to eTNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture), the battery is an essential element of the chassis, and it is positioned underneath the floor. Good weight distribution in front and back, high stiffness, and the structural strength in the construction all contribute to a better driving experience and a lower center of gravity.

The vehicle's exterior features a fashionable and robust appearance. With slim trademark lights and rounded edges, the front has a fresh look that emphasizes the car's breadth and point of contact with the road. With narrow A-pillars and a low shoulder line, the automobile looks low from the side and shows its low center of gravity. At the car's corners are wheel arches, huge wheels (up to 20"), and marked profiles at the bottom of the doors. This gives the vehicle an SUV-like appearance. The taillights on the car's corners have been given a unique design that extends over the whole breadth of the vehicle's length.

The design incorporates several aerodynamic features, including a split roof spoiler, a rear spoiler lip, a rear diffuser, and an adequately slanted rear window. In addition, as the battery heats up, the lower, narrower grille may be closed to minimize air resistance.

A five-seat coupe with plenty of interior space and an open, airy feel is made possible by the long wheelbase. The compact and low instrument panel contributes to the openness and forward, solid view passengers experience. With a 7" TFT instrument and information display positioned in the driver's line of sight, a "hands on the wheel, look on the road" driver's seat backs philosophy. With 1 meter separating the hip locations in front and behind, everyone has ample legroom. When the back seats are folded down, the baggage compartment expands to 452 liters.

The 150 kW electric motor in the front-wheel-drive bZ4X generates 204 hp and 265 Nm of torque. The highest speed is 160 km / h, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 8.4 seconds. The AWD variant has 217.5 hp and 336 pound-feet of torque. The top speed is unchanged from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds.

As a result of this new technology, drivers will be able to control the speed of their cars only by using the accelerator pedal, which will allow for more efficient energy regeneration.

To guarantee the lithium-ion battery in the bZ4X is of the highest possible quality, Toyota has drawn on its extensive experience developing battery technology for electric cars over the past two decades. An extended service program assures that the battery will still supply 70% of its original capacity after up to 10 years of driving or 1,000,000 kilometers, providing that the owner undergoes an annual health check at a Toyota facility. Toyota has designed the battery to supply up to 90% capacity after ten years / 240,000 kilometers to introduce this warranty.

Monitoring voltage, current, and temperature down to the cell level are critical for battery quality and life. Control actions are initiated if anomalous heat generation is observed. Anti-deterioration countermeasures are in place, and safety procedures are in place during the manufacturing process to prevent the batteries from being contaminated by undesired chemicals. It is the first time a water-cooled battery has been used in a Toyota car or truck.

The car's effective heating system maintains good performance and range even in cold weather. In addition, compared to traditional air conditioners, the heat pump used by bZ4X is more efficient and uses less energy.

Infrared radiant heat under the steering column and dashboard warm the driver's and front passenger's feet and legs for further comfort in the vehicle's interior. This feature is offered in conjunction with seat heating and offers heat extremely rapidly - within about a minute or less.

The battery has a capacity of 71.4 kWh and a high density. More than 450 kilometers of the range may be predicted (according to WLTP). In the meanwhile, the amount is just an estimate and is subject to change based on formal type approval.

Without risking safety or life, the battery may be recharged swiftly. For example, 150 kW rapid charging takes around 30 minutes to charge to 80%. Faster charging will be available in the fourth quarter of 2022 with an onboard charger of 11 kW for three-phase systems.

Toyota and Subaru have collaborated to create a new, class-leading solution for four-wheel drive in electric vehicles. Both businesses have a lot of experience with AWD; therefore, the new system is built on that. 80 kW electric motors, respectively, power the front and rear axles. Snow/mud, deep snow/mud (less than 20 km/h), grip control for truly challenging off-road driving (less than 10 km/h) are all available for the driver with XMODE. The 2022 Toyota bZ4X electric SUV can cope with the most difficult driving circumstances thanks to these qualities.

All-electric, zero-emission driving does not have to be the only way to benefit the environment. For example, Toyota's cars are made with recycled materials and will have a battery rebuilding, reusing, and recycling program.

Toyota Safety Sense 3 has new and improved capabilities that aid in preventing a broader range of collisions and other mishaps. The goal of the mobile community is for "no one to be killed or hurt in traffic." Recent advances in driver assistance systems have boosted this goal.

Increased range and improved capacity to detect dangers and impediments in more traffic circumstances are the results of the vehicle's new front camera and radar and front side radars.

Toyota Safety Sense additionally examines the driver's condition via a monitor that records their normal driving posture and alerts them to harmful distractions or signs of sick or falling asleep.

The new Toyota electric SUV has the most advanced multimedia platform, with a 12" touch screen that allows access to cloud-based navigation with journey planning and real-time traffic and parking information via a cloud service. In addition, electric cars have a range, driving assistance, and information on charging facilities that may be found here.

Gaze, touch, and voice are all ways the driver can communicate with the vehicle. A new vehicle assistant that can activate functions, turn on and adjust the air conditioning, and open or close windows, in addition to multimedia services like navigation, is part of an improved voice control feature set. Online updates (OTA) make getting new features and improvements for your program easy.

When Toyota launches its new electric vehicle, it will provide a different approach to purchasing a car and the ownership experience. New lease agreements that include everything are intended to account for the most recent sales in Europe. In addition, one of Europe's largest networks of charging stations is included in the price of the vehicle. Roadside assistance and other automotive accessories can also be included if consumers so choose. As a result, Toyota will work with its dealers to guarantee that clients obtain the optimum solution for their mobility needs with products that consider the various stages of maturity of battery-powered automobiles throughout Europe.