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Author : Glover Bennedsen | Published On : 16 May 2024

Top 5 SEO Tools For Ecommerce Websites

Entrepreneurs in ecommerce who have a basic understanding of SEO can better understand their clients. This helps them develop empathy and a more appropriate approach to copywriting.

A complete search engine optimization toolkit includes tools such as keyword research, website analysis, and backlinks analysis. Some tools provide visual reports that stakeholders can receive on a regular schedule.


SEOquake, a user-friendly tool, will give you an in-depth report on the performance of your website. It comes with an overview of your website, a Page Overview and a Keyword Density Screen. It is also compatible with mobile devices.

The SEOquake bar, a browser extension, gives you the most important metrics in real time on your website. Simply click on the icon on the toolbar and you'll see a general summary of the most important SEO parameters of the page that you are currently on. You can also customize the parameters you would like to be displayed in the toolbar.

It has a number of other useful features, such as the ability to compare multiple domains or pages with a single click, and an export function that lets you to save your data as a CSV file. The plugin also comes with the ability to customize how results are displayed for the supported search engines, such as Google, Yandex and Bing.

Another excellent feature of this software is that it can be used to examine HTML titles which is an essential aspect of a sound SEO strategy. It can be used to detect any potential issues in your title tags and make the necessary changes.

It is crucial to have the right tools when writing SEO content. You can choose the best SEO tools for your company by analyzing your goals. These tools can help you create high-quality content to achieve your goals and boost your site's visibility. This is a great method to increase traffic and boost your conversions.


If you're just beginning to learn about SEO or have been doing it for a while, SEMrush is one of the best tools available. It comes with a wide range of features and reports that are helpful for all aspects of digital marketing. It can be used for research on keywords, competitor analysis, backlink analyses, and many more. It comes with a range of useful plugins that make it even more effective.

The Domain Overview tool provides valuable details about a website's ranking in the search results and the keywords it ranks for. It also provides a detailed comparison of the top five competitors. This lets you see opportunities and weaknesses in your strategy. You can also use the backlinks section to identify opportunities for building links.

Another characteristic of SEMrush is its Keyword Magic Tool, which assists you in analyzing niche topics and monitor keywords that are semantically related. It also lets you see how search volume has changed over time, and can identify possible long-term trends. It also shows a Keyword difficulty score, which indicates the difficulty of ranking for a particular keyword.

The competitive positioning map from SEMrush is an excellent tool to analyse the strategies of your competitors and uncover new opportunities. It shows you a graphic representation of their traffic, the top performing pages, keywords, and backlinks. It also lists the most effective social media marketing campaigns and ads of your competition.

SEMrush Site Audit is a vital tool for any digital marketing campaign. This tool checks the website for common technical issues, such as broken links slow loading times, slow loading speeds and mobile optimization issues. It also offers suggestions to improve the performance of the site. This can increase the visibility of a website in organic search results and also increase the number of visitors and converts. It also helps businesses save money by identifying the ads that are placed on less efficient channels.


Ahrefs is one of the most effective SEO tools for online marketing. Its extensive set of features allow users to monitor the rankings of their websites, research competitors, and find new keywords. It also provides an unique database of live backlinks as well as various other information points, such as IP addresses and social metrics. This makes it easy to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Despite its price, Ahrefs is worth the investment.

Ahrefs' ability to identify websites that are already highly ranked for a specific keyword is among its best features. It does this by showing you the top-ranked websites in an "SERP overview" panel, which includes their domain ratings, the number of backlinks that they have pointing to those pages, and the amount of traffic they're getting. It's a great tool to identify a keyword that is hot and which you can use it to target.

Another fantastic feature of Ahrefs is its tool to estimate search volume. This tool is more accurate than the standard metric of search volume and can be useful in estimating the number of visitors that a keyword might bring. It also provides an estimate of the number of sites competing for a specific keyword that is crucial to ensure that your website doesn't get lost in the sea of other results.

Ahrefs doesn't have a mobile app. This means you need export all your backlink information into Excel in order to track them, and it's difficult to do anything with it on a mobile. Ahrefs should add a mobile app to track location and access data such as the latest backlink notifications.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a website crawler and SEO analysis tool that has become a vital component of any small-sized business website. It helps you identify problems with your website's technical aspect and also on-site issues that could be affecting your search rankings. It also helps you optimize your website for speed and improve user experience. It comes with a variety of features that can assist you in creating an audit of your website.

The Screaming Frog software allows you to check your entire site or select an individual set of URLs. It can detect and identify many SEO issues, such as duplicate pages broken links, duplicate pages, as well as server errors. It can be used to analyze and find images on your site. It is simple to use and can be integrated with other tools, such as Google Analytics and Search Console.

While Screaming Frog is an excellent tool for optimizing your personal website It can be a challenge to grasp all the nuances of its use. It is best to hire a company that provides SEO services to guide you on how to use Screaming Frog. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, saving your time and energy.

The Screaming Frog user interface is divided into three components. The first is a list of crawled pages, which shows a number of SEO indicators for each page. The second is a comparison between a current scan and a previous one. This is a great way to see the impact of changes you have made. The third section displays the results of each scan, for example, a count of images that exceed 100kb in size. This can cause slow loading times.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a must-have program for anyone with a website who wants to increase organic traffic. It will help you discover ranking opportunities, optimize existing pages, and monitor the changes over time. It also helps you identify problems that may affect your site's visibility in search engines. It is a free tool that every webmaster who is concerned about optimizing their site for search engines should have. It also assists in submitting your sitemaps, and also monitor website errors. It can even notify you of a hacking or other security incident on your site.

The Search Console dashboard gives you all the information you need to manage SEO. You can check the most recent notifications, including those that are related to crawling errors and sitemaps and also search analysis. It also comes with the ability to disavow links and an inventory of all the sites your website has been linked to. It also checks whether your website is mobile friendly and whether you have structured data and high-quality cards. It can also analyse your data and highlight key areas with Data Highlighter.

Search Console is not only an instrument for site owners It can also be used by SEO professionals to improve the performance of websites to get better search results. Businesses can view key performance metrics and sort them from high to low or vice versa and then examine them over time. This data can help businesses understand their strengths and weaknesses and then use to improve their SEO strategies.

software seo is an excellent tool but it's not completely perfect. It doesn't provide you with information on how your competitors rank for the same keywords. It is essential to integrate Search Console with a third-party SEO tool to gain more comprehensive knowledge of your competitors.