The Most Effective Fixes To Stop Your Battery Issues

Author : Henry Cumpston | Published On : 12 Jan 2022

Are you noticing that your iPhone battery is draining so fast? There might be many reasons for the problem. Especially, if you are using your device for more than five years then this is one of the most common issues you will get. Not only that but at the same time, if you have too many applications or keep your device brightness high then it’s very common to have battery-related problems. We'll start with software issues because they're the most manageable and likely to be the source of the problem. If your iPhone battery is still draining quickly after trying these software fixes and bid goodbye to the issues. However, you can also appear at the iPhone battery replacement company in Brisbane and let them do the needful. Before updating your iPhone in the future, look online a few days after it's released to see how other iPhones are faring with the new version.
Check the Health of Your Battery
This is the first and most important thing you should do. Check the entire performance of your device including battery health and capacity. Move to Settings and then click on the Battery option. Now, navigate to battery Health and check the condition from here. In case you find the maximum capacity is above 80% then it’s the right time to take your device to the repairing centre.
Remove Unnecessary Applications
You'll see Activity if you scroll down. This tracks when and how you use your device. Which apps are running in the background, in particular? You might not know that some apps suck away at your batter secretly. If you have downloaded new applications and face the same problems then immediately you are suggested to remove those applications. Or visit the iPhone battery replacement centre in Newcastle and let the technicians fix it.
Disable Background App Refresh
While most apps work in the background to retrieve new data, if you notice any that appear suspicious, test them by disabling Background App Refresh. All you should do is visit Settings and then navigate to the General option. Now click on Background App Refresh and then choose the applications you want to stop. Or else, you can also contact iPhone battery replacement centre in Newcastle and tell the experts to replace your battery.

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