The Most Common Causes Of Auto Accidents in Australia

Author : Zane Norman | Published On : 16 Mar 2021


Car accidents in Australia are on the increase, and every year, hundreds of Australians lose their lives every year from road accidents! Did you know in 2019, more than 1,195 people were killed in road-related deaths, over 3 people per day? And as of the end of October 2020, there have been 1,118 deaths recorded due to car accidents in Australia. Road crashes cost Australia $27-30 billion per year, and $70 million per day, which is the same as the National Defence Budget. Now, Australia is ranked 15th out of 31 OECD countries for deaths per 100,000 population. So, what are the most common causes of road accidents in Australia? Below are the most common causes of auto accidents that have been listed by one of the leading criminal injury lawyers in Perth.

The Most Common Causes Auto Accidents in Australia

Research says 60-70 per cent of the patient's trauma surgeons treat have been involved in road accidents. The most case of such percentage due to auto accidents are,

1.Distracted driving

2.Fatigue and drowsiness

3.Failing to give way on roads

4.Drunk driving


Cause: 1 Distracted Driving

One of the most important causes of accidents under distracted driving is using navigation systems and mobiles while driving. Other factors that get you distracted are, talking with others, playing music in the car, and more.

Cause 2: Fatigue and Drowsiness

If you are on a long road trip, it is a must to Rest every two hours. The tiredness of feeling fatigued during driving also contributes to car accidents.

Cause 3: Failing To Give Way On Roads

You can endanger your life if you ignore giving way to other vehicles. Research says that less than half of the car gets into the crash due to failing to give way to other vehicles.

Cause 4: Drunk driving

Drunk driving can lead to miscalculations and reckless driving and finally ends up in an accident. This is because, the alcohol interferes with proper eye coordination, dulls your reflexes, affects your ability to control movement, and more. So, don't drink and drive!

Cause 5: Speeding

The Speed limits in Australia range from 5 kilometres per hour (3.1 mph) shared zones to 130 kilometres per hour (81 mph). In the chance of exceeding the speed limit, you have a chance of getting into the accident, the better.

The Bottom Line

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