The importance of winter tires

Author : Smith Jones | Published On : 13 Jan 2022

The all-season tires are durable as they tread long without complaining. They offer a stress free ride for a longer time, offer fuel economy, good ride quality and traction. But the fact is that these tires perform optimally in the summer heat do not offer that same quality of traction during winters. The tread-compound that is used in these all-weather tires in NW Calgary offers very little cold weather traction and they tend to harden in the freezing temperatures. So eventually, it will have a negative impact on the traction.

On the other hand, the winter tires are specifically designed to help in delivering safety and control in ice, snow, slush, rain & cold weather. It is somewhat like the difference between athletic shoes and snow boots. Though you will not be able to walk along a snow-covered sidewalk with athletic boots, it is definitely safer to use snow boots.

The technology behind winter tires

Some of the distinctive features of winter tires are:

1.All winter tires have a soft rubber compound for staying flexible even when the temperatures drop, and this provides more controlled handling.

2.They also have a unique tread pattern & wide grooves to enhance traction on snow & ice by providing the channels that drain water as well as expel snow.

3.These tires also have very deep sipes – these are the slits in the tire tread that cut through slush and water & improve the grip by avoiding hydroplaning.

4.With a good tire grip is crucial in snow and ice conditions and it helps in ensuring that the car will stop when you want it to, and steer well when it is in motion.

5.Winter tires also deliver superior traction – this is almost 25-50% higher than regular all-season tires. This is a safety margin required for stopping in time or turning to avoid trouble.

A few things to remember with winter tires in NW Calgary

?You cannot have a single winter tire. You must install your winter tires in a matching set of four. This helps maintain controlled & balanced handling in winter driving conditions. If you use only 2 winter tires on your car, it will create a mismatch in the traction and can have a negative impact on handling.

?Good handling is also about maintaining the right tire pressure. It is also going to improve traction and durability of the tires.

?Always check inflation pressure in the fall & early winter months. These are the most critical times as the air contracts in colder temperatures.

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