The Future of Online Poker In India

Author : Poker Launcher | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

In 2021, Many people fascinated by the growing poker scene wonder if the real money games online are even legal? If legal, is it taxable and ethical? The rapid boom and constant growth in the industry have led to people wondering what lies ahead for the future of online poker in India, both legally and in terms of value propositions. Today we will be taking a look at both, and by the end of this article, you will understand the possible directions the future of Indian online poker could take.

Coming to legal implications. Poker, Except for a few states, is primarily legal and permissible. The seventh schedule of the Indian constitution states that every state has the right to set laws regarding betting and gambling at their discretion. Because of that, you can enjoy a game of real money poker online in every state except for Assam, Sikkim, Odisha, and Telangana. Moreover, the Supreme court since 1960 has distinguished skill-based mind sports such as Poker and Rummy from other luck-based card games. They are rightfully noting that "games such as poker and rummy have a dominant element of ‘skill,’ which trumps the element of ‘chance.’" 

Furthermore, a lot of anti-poker rhetoric has been repeatedly quashed by the courts after a single look at the empirical evidence of the serious level of skill present in poker. The legal future of online poker in India is brighter than it ever has been before. Not only did Madras HC quash the law banning skill-based mind sports like poker and rummy. They also countered the incorrect idea of them being luck-based, stating poignantly that “all sports have an element of luck”, whether it be the football world cup or the D.O.TA international. Poker legality faced a few setbacks but it’s back on track and poker is slowly but steadily being accepted as a skill-based game along with a respect for those who excel for it within financial legal and managerial institutions.

With that being said Avoid poker sites with no anti-collision and anti-multi accounting policies. Both these practices offer an unfair advantage to the cheater. While collusion and multi accounting does occasionally happen, if a poker website India isn’t showing a willingness to take strict action and crackdown on the offenders, you are better off not giving it your action or business. You can find a list of verified legal and ethical websites (with amazing offers btw!) on Poker launcher, don’t risk your money with shady organizations.

It is safe to say Poker is not going anywhere. This mind sport has become a small su culture in India and is truly a game of intense strategy and near-perfect decision making. From a value offering standpoint, the horizon also looks bright with tournament G.T.D's constantly crushing previous records with each new iteration of a previously running or new series. Unheard-of rake back is also being offered during promotions on cash tables, for example, if you are a noob and you register with poker launcher on your preferred platform you get up to 80% rake back. Try now if you don't believe us! The future of poker looks as plus EV and high equity as it ever has in India, my fingers would be crossed, but superstition is for fishes.