The Employment Ordeal

Author : Amit Singh | Published On : 20 Mar 2021

So having different experiences in life makes you learn, right? I mean it did to me at least( my friends and family too, I must say). I learned some things the hard way though.

I had recently got married in 2019 and was enjoying marital bliss while a chord struck me..that I need to start applying for jobs(I left the earlier one because I shifted far away from the location after the wedding). I wanted to do a job because I wanted to keep working and keep on growing professionally .I realized that I needed to work to support my husband in the finances of the household and everything else too.
So, I decided to start looking for an appropriate job in my field(which is digital marketer) which has a huge potential in the job I naturally assumed that I will bag a job opportunity in no time..but I couldn't be more wrong..I ended up misguided, misinformed and mistreated for several weaks. Here is the ordeal that happened with me
1) Newspaper disaster- I saw an advertisement about a digital marketer wanted for a company in the classified section of the me being a bonehead, went ahead to the address mentioned in the newspaper without even calling..that place turned out to be situated in the middle of knowhere and it was smelling like pee(much worse than described, trust me)..the place wanted me to work for the 'experience' for free..which obviously, I denied. 
2) Recommendation- A neighbor recommended me to a company his company worked I went there for the interview and the recruiting process..but as it turns out that they were looking for a more experienced candidate..I mean two years of experience isn't less, right? And HOW ON EARTH WILL WE GAIN EXPERIENCE IF YOU DON'T HIRE US? This was just a disappointing and frustrating situation.
3) Facebook- I saw an advertisement on Facebook which stated that it needs employees for digital marketing..this time I told them about all my credentials and made them clear about everything..the people agreed to meet me, so I went ahead for the interview, but as soon as I was done, I got to know that I had to pay first to take their training program and then they will decide whether I am suitable for their company or I dropped this idea too.
4) Billboard: I saw a little billboard near the mall which said that the company required a digital I went ahead and contacted them..everything seemed ine over the phone..but when I went to the office, firstly it was in a very shady area..moreover, the person whom I had a chat with seemed very weird and to be frank, a jerk(flirted with me during the interview-made me really uncomfortable) ..the office was a smelly,dingy and dark place which had no more than three male, I gave this opportunity a hard pass.  
These situations made me loose hope..I was sad and felt useless .even though my husband asked me not to stress about it, but still, I was worried...I started doubting my abilities..I sulked.
My husband saw all this and tried to put an end to my misery..he arranged a meeting between me and his Human Resource (HR) manager who was the head recruiter of the company..he wanted me to take tips from her from the other perspective.
Being the sweetheart she is, she trained and drilled me for interviews and personal interview rounds..she asked me to apply for some companies and she adviced me to create an account on is a hub for job seekers and recruiters. She asked me to boost followers on linkedin after I create a profile to make my profile look authentic and can click here for more information.
So we had a three hour long meeting and she taught me a I hope the tips and tricks I learned would be useful to me to grab a job opportunity