The Different Football Kicks Which Kids Can Learn with The Size 3 Training Footballs

Author : Chris Copper | Published On : 14 Apr 2021

Football is a different game altogether. There are different aggressive techniques involved and each tactic is based to encounter a particular situation in the game. In football, all it matters is a good kick and awesome defensive skills. Irrespective of how cut-throat the situation is, the role of training footballs cannot be underrated. 

To counter a competitive game scenario what is most needful is finding training footballs of the right size. Also, training footballs are a wonderful tool for football enthusiasts as the ball helps improve sensory coordination, hand/eye coordination and help build confidence among players. The different kicking techniques that aspirants practising on training footballs need to hone up at include: 

Place a kick

The particular kick is used at the start of the game. The kick is mainly aimed at a conversion attempt for a penalty. With the help of the kick, players will use the tee to hold up the ball off ground. The size 3 training balls are engineered especially for newbies who need more support and strength for kicking. The full-contact game which is also fast-paced, demands a ball that speaks of strength lest a kick like this may go in vain. 


Before the players kick the ball, they should set a target where they have decided the ball to end up at. After this, a player must hold the football at their arm’s length towards the kicking side. The size 3 training Footballs is crafted from the “3-ply pro-grip” material which gives it the much-needed strength for countering force during a dropkick and other kicking techniques. 


Under the “Aussie” rule of rugby, the punt kick is a practice involving the player will use the “kick to touch” technique to ensure the ball is out of a risky scene. 

Up and under the Kick

The training ball is essential for rugby play masters. During an “up and under” kick technique the kick is generally placed underneath so that players can gain maximum height. 

Torpedo kick

The torpedo kick is highly effective when players want maximum clearance for the “kick for touch” act. The Size 3 Training Footballs come enabled with a wrist band along with a bungee cord which can luckily stretch up to 4 meters. The training ball is especially connected to a cord with the help of a metal swivel. So, no matter how difficult the torpedo kick might appear to be for a beginner, the training ball is always under their control making it easier for them to place a kick. 

Grubber kick

It is one of the most attacking moves where the player needs to kick the ball at ground level while maintaining a defensive gap. Players hailing from an age group ranging between 5-13 years can use training balls to hone up the skill of placing the much challenging grubber kick. 

Indeed, the size 3 training footballs should be a part of a football training programme, where beginners ought to master the skill of placing different kicks.