The Best Parts Of Advertising Out The Door In Melbourne

Author : Billboards Melbourne | Published On : 08 May 2021

Physical advertising still has its charm and this is quite evident from the fact that even the large-cap companies and biggest MNCs in the world are spending millions and millions of dollars on physical advertising such as through billboards and hoardings.

Outdoor advertising can be done in many ways. One of the prime things to keep in mind is the location of your advertisement board.

Of course, while this will be based on what type of industry you are in and what are your products and services on offer.

But here we will generalize it for you and give you some of the prime areas where you can put on your advertisement boards.


This is one easier and most common way of advertising physically. You will see billboard ads, digital billboards, and hoardings on the sides of the streets and highways. You will also see them near shopping malls, multiplexes, car parking lots, etc.

Digital billboard give a new attraction to the customer using which you can run more ads on a single billboard.

Use of transit for advertisement

You will commonly see lots of advertising billboards, and stickers on the transit communication mean such as on buses, trams, taxis, rails, and even on flights.

The reason for transit advertising is that people from all spheres of life will commute to their places of work. Whether you are a housewife going to the grocery store or an employed person going to your office, chances are that you will see the transit advertising, not one but many of them.

POS displays

One of the common ways of advertising is near the point of sales. Customers will catch on to you and this is a great way of cross-selling to your already made customer base.

Things like free standing units, standees, counter display units, display packs are common in the areas of POS.

Guerilla marketing means

It’s a unique way of marketing for gathering more attraction from your existing and potential customers. It’s a low-cost tactic and guess what the biggest brands and organizations do spend a hefty amount on various forms of guerilla marketing.

It’s an outdoor physical form of marketing, but it’s just because of their uniqueness that they will gather the attention and focus of the customer.

Art installments, floor ads, and flash mobs are some of the great ways of guerilla marketing.

Last but not least we will recommend you on hiring an advertising agency to better understand which forms of outdoor marketing will turn out to be big breakthroughs for your business.

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