The best diet for dairy animals to get a high productivity

Author : Sahil Anand | Published On : 26 May 2021

Dairy farming is one of the most important occupations of a country, as it provides the population with useful dairy products, which are very important in daily life.

So today I will be sharing few tips with my dairy farmer friends on how to increase their productivity, for increasing productivity, the most important factor is a properly nutritious diet but besides that, there are few other things too that can help –

  1. Ensure that the dry period for your cattle is successful.
  2. Make sure that the blood calcium levels remain normal during the first week of lactation.
  3. Ensure a comfortable environment for your cattle.
  4. Take good care of the herd and regularly have them checked for any medical issue.

These were a few of the other important things which one should follow to increase their production. Now let’s talk about the most important factor for increasing productivity, the proper nutritious diet and this is how you can decide which diet is best for your herd according to your requirements.

First of all, let’s see what should be the ideal contents of a properly nutritious diet for gaining maximum productivity-  A controlled feed intake is very important, good levels of carbohydrate to maintain the energy levels and addition of supplemental fats is a good option to increase the energy.

  • Corn silage- It is a good forage choice for ruminant animals. It is made by anaerobic fermentation, so it’s high in energy and easy to digest. The process of fermentation leads to the release of acetic acid and lactic acid over a  period of 3 weeks, which provides us in the end with a highly nutritious and high-energy diet. If we look at the overall components of the corn silage then it consists of – 6 to 9% crude protein, ADF( %DM) 25-30, NDF( %DM) 35-30, Starch(%DM) 25-35, and a PH of 3.7 to 4.2. Overall it’s an excellent choice.
  • Wheat silage It is one of the most suitable choices for dairy animals. It has a shelf life of 18 months, it’s an instant and ready to use product. If we talk about its nutritional values then it has 32% dry matter, 7-9% crude protein, 25-35% ADF, 35-50% NDF, 20-25% Energy and a PH of 3.7 to 4.2. It can be fed to cows, buffaloes, and bulls and it gives a good increase in the milk output.

These were some of the best nutritional diets available to increase the milk output, earlier these products were not available in India but now Silage Agro an agro company based in Punjab has started making all of the above-mentioned products and many more for the Indian farmers. The prices are affordable and they are providing delivery all over India.