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Author : SHARIQ KHATRI | Published On : 04 Oct 2021

What can you say concerning the VW Tennis that hasn't been written one thousand instances before? The traditional favourite of child racers and middle-class males alike has been re-modelled, re-calibrated and re-launched from the German home of VW, Golfsburg. The drum rolls accumulated, the curtains were attracted and the expectant chatter drastically changed to a gasp. The effect was, properly, honestly disappointing.

Significantly to the chagrin of every VW Tennis fan, the newest Tennis was virtually an identikit edition of the previous model. Certain, several neat small details had been made. The VW banner at the trunk today turned the start manage and the interior was full of method of alarms, whistle and gadgetry, but there was nothing at all for the Golf-purists who desired to see a re-imagining of the time-honoured classic. Nothing.

But is that a 'bad' thing? I truly Oceana Golf Barra da Tijuca the last VW Golf was a fantastic example of what sort of family-sized hatchback must be. To deviate from efficiency could surely be some type of destructive behaviour that could end up in bankruptcy. Obviously the VW developers discussed my estimation also.

And so the unveiling ruined the great VW Tennis name, which was further strengthened by the world's automotive press discussing exactly the same opinion. I, but, kept stoic for me that the Golf, new or otherwise, had reached their goal of being the right hatchback and was quite vociferous in this matter.

Primarily, most of the arguing and cogitation can solve positively nothing. The Volkswagen Tennis has turned into a car, for greater or worse, is mired in a unique self-importance. The Tennis has generated its own holding-pattern, an agenda where it can't deviate. If the manufacturers adjust it a lot of, the purists will put they arms up in the air and declare it an unmitigated disaster. If, on another give, they settle-back and do nothing, you'll get the other new vehicle fanatics waving their arms in despair and challenging more ingenuity.

Here is the conflict that all vehicle developers fight on a regular basis; often decision more likely to result in key groups of consumers sensation cheated. So how do VW designers get themselves out of this conundrum? Construct a concept car to distract persons is how!

The Tennis Principle that seemed at the display was primarily a VW Golf that contained an engine much more comfortable in a Bugatti Veyron (also manufactured by VW) than significantly smaller Tennis regulars. This relatively outright diversionary method was able to pull considerable emphasis far from the normal Golf and had large categories of VW fans gasping for breath. What Volkswagen has (very cleverly) accomplished, was making the world's largest bright rabbit. Well, I state largest. The Notion Golf was actually very similar in dimensions to the regular Tennis, it really occurred to accommodate a motor capable of more than 700 Bhp beneath the bonnet.