The Basics of Ultrasound for Pets

Author : Slack Tony | Published On : 05 Jun 2021

Ultrasound scans are widely used in human healthcare, and they’re also very common in veterinary medicine. It’s a crucial tool for your vet! Learn more about ultrasound in this article from a veterinarian Middletown, DE.

How does ultrasound work, exactly?

An ultrasound machine emits high-frequency sound waves that reflect off the internal organs and tissues in your pet’s body. This image gets transmitted to a monitor to give your vet a picture of the inside of your pet’s body. An object called a transducer directs the sound waves at particular areas.

What is ultrasound useful for?

Ultrasound is used for a variety of procedures. Collecting biopsy samples, exploratory surgeries, diagnosing tumors, examining kidney stones… the list goes on. Ask your vet what kind of procedures your pet might need ultrasound for.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes—ultrasound is extremely safe, reliable, and effective. It’s completely non-invasive and doesn’t require anesthesia. And X-ray scans emit small doses of radiation, while ultrasounds don’t. For these reasons, ultrasound is a great choice for almost any pet who needs it!

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