The Art of Self-Editing: How to Polish Your Essays

Author : James George | Published On : 12 Feb 2024

Editing is an essential part of any kind of writing. Moreover, it is mandatory for assignment writing. Any professional essay help won’t submit your work without proper editing. So, you must do the same for good grades. Also, a well-edited assignment can impress your teacher quickly. Are you writing an essay? Have you finished it? So, this is the time for editing. You must be very careful now. Go through the writing repeatedly. Thus, you can find the errors and correct them. Besides, there are many other methods to polish your essay through editing. These are given in the next section.

How to Self Edit Your Essays Like a Professional

Editing is an art. Here are certain effective tips you can follow to edit your essay. Read on to know more!


1. Read Loudly

You may find it funny, but it is quite effective. You may make several errors while writing faster. Also, you can overlook those while revising the paper. However, if you read out loud, you will find the wrong formation of sentences. Also, you will find any wrong information you wrote. Once you read loudly, you will get those and rectify them immediately. Also, you can ask someone to read it and you must listen carefully. Thus, you can edit your essay well.

2. Start Editing With a Fresh Mind

You are quite tired after finishing the long piece of writing. Now, if you start editing instantly, you may not find any errors. This happens due to your tiredness. You prefer to finish the work quickly and take a rest. However, this is not the right way to edit your valuable writing. You have put enough effort into it. So, you should finish it well too. Take a break and rest. You can meditate or take a brisk walk. Thus, your mind will be refreshed. Then, come back and start editing. You will see how effectively you can edit your writing. Also, it will be the best work for you.

3. Always Focus on One Thing at a Time

This is quite an essential point you must remember during self-editing. Your essay has several parts. If you focus on the entire essay for editing, it will be stressful. Instead, you can break your writing into small sections and start editing. Thus, you can focus on each part attentively and fix things quickly.

4. You Must Focus on the Structure and Flow

You can begin editing your essay with this part. Make sure the introduction grabs the readers’ attention instantly. Also, you must check if the body paragraphs are clear and easy to read. Besides, those must be coherent and relevant. There must be a smooth flow between each paragraph. Above all, the conclusion must connect every part of the essay and give the readers a perfect summary of your write-up. Finally, make sure you have maintained the logical flow quite well throughout the essay. Whether you take nursing essay help or likewise, they maintain these editing tips to submit a top-quality essay. 

5. Look for Common Errors

Most writers make silly mistakes while writing. It can be spelling mistakes or wrong use of grammar. The great writers are experts in catching the common errors quickly. So, you must be very careful while revising. You should replace any jargon in your writing. Make sure you write in simple language. Also, you must avoid any cliché writing. Finally, you should avoid using passive voice. Above all, you must be to the point while expressing your thoughts. Try to avoid rambling around the main point.

6. Spell Check Is Vital

You are writing faster, right? So, it is natural for you to miss a letter while writing any word. For example, you meant to write ‘Public’, but, it can become ‘Pubic’. Both are different words, right? However, it can change the meaning of your writing. So, you must be very careful enough to check spelling. You can use the online spell check tools for better understanding. Also, you should go through the lines manually to find any such mistakes.

7. Edit Line by Line

Yes, it is time-consuming. But, you will score high once you submit a well-written and well-edited work. So, edit line by line. As you are editing your work, you must go through every line. Also, you must check each sentence and word closely. Thus, you can easily find any grammatical, spelling, or factual errors.

8. Work on Your Use of Adverbs

As per experts, too much use of adverbs can ruin the beauty of your writing. Specifically, you should avoid the adverbs with ‘-ly’, like truly, really, totally, etc. Instead, you can use, ‘Now’, ‘Then’, Early’, ‘After That’, etc. Those can link your lines with each other. Thus, you can maintain consistency throughout your writing.

9. Check Grammar and Punctuation

Both are the cornerstones of your essay writing. So, you must have the best skill in grammar and punctuation. Any mistakes in punctuation can change the meaning of the sentence and make you wrong. Also, grammatical mistakes can make your writing poor and low grade. So, pay close attention to these parts. Use online tools to check grammatical and punctuation errors. Above all, you should check manually.

10. Remove Any Kind of Useless Words

An ideal essay is to the point. It won’t have useless words to match the word limit. So, read carefully once you are done. Try to find the vague words and replace those with more meaningful expressions. Make your sentences short and crisp. Thus, you can get the readers’ attention quickly. Also, you can write an impactful essay.

11. Clarify the Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the roadmap to your essay. It can give an abrupt idea of your topic to the readers. However, students often write a paragraph as a thesis statement. It is not right. You must write a sentence or two to express what you are going to explain in the next segments.


So, here you get the details of self-editing. You can take essay help for better editing. However, these steps can help you to submit well-edited document to your institution. Make sure that you start reviewing the content in a distraction free environment.